You are currently viewing Guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners 2024: Expert Guide

Guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners 2024: Expert Guide

So you’ve been scouring the web for CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria 🤔

Well, I know your reason.. 

Of course, you need another source of income, and this model of affiliate marketing came to your mind. 


But before you take any step, spare five minutes of your time to read this Guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners, you need it to make the process easier for you. 


Wait, this is actually not for everyone. 

But, if you’ve been dreaming of breaking free from the 9 to 5 job or just looking for a way to supplement your income without having to take on a second job, then this is for you. 


Imagine being able to make money online in Nigeria from the comfort of your own home, or even while you’re on the go, just by promoting products and services that you genuinely believe in. 

How does that sound? 

So, Let us take you through one of the many possibilities for earning as vast as the Nigerian sky known as CPA affiliate marketing. 


First thing first, I don’t know what you have heard about CPA or affiliate marketing in general, but you may have to unlearn some things here. 

This isn’t just another article, it’s an expert guide. 


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And we are ready to teach you CPA affiliate marketing and how you can earn constantly from it through this Guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners.


What is CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

CPA Marketing Training In Nigeria

CPA, or Cost Per Action, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where you, the affiliate, earn a commission for every specific action that a customer takes

Which may filling out a form, signing up for a free trial, or making a purchase. 

It’s like being a middleman for businesses and potential customers, and you get rewarded for every successful connection you make.


Think of it this way

You help companies find their perfect customer by promoting their offers to the right audience. 

And every time you make a successful introduction, you get a little something for your effort, a commission

The commission can range from a few naira to hundreds or even thousands, depending on the offer and the action taken.


How CPA Affiliate Marketing Works



As a CPA affiliate marketer, the first thing you need to do is to look for reliable CPA network or an advertiser, sign up with them and they’ll provide you with special links or codes to promote their offers. 

These offers can range from free trials and subscriptions to product purchases and lead generation forms.


You don’t even have to worry about creating or owning any products yourself. 

You’re simply the middleman or middlewoman, connecting businesses with the people who need their products or services. 


All you need to do is share these links with your target audience, whether it’s through your website, social media channels, email lists, or any other platform where you can reach potential customers. 

When someone clicks on your link and takes the desired action (like signing up for a free trial or making a purchase), you earn a commission. 

You can just see it as getting paid for being a really persuasive friend!


Guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners: How to Start

CPA affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Now that you know what CPA affiliate marketing is all about, here are the main reasons why we put together this guide to CPA affiliate marketing in Nigeria for beginners.

Here is how to start

1. Choose Your Niche: 

The first step is to pick a topic or industry that you’re interested in or have some knowledge about. 

This will make it easier for you to promote relevant products and services, and it’ll also help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level. 

For example, if you’re passionate about fitness, you could focus on promoting health and wellness products or services.

2. Find CPA Networks or Advertisers:

Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to start looking for reputable CPA networks or advertisers that offer products or services related to your chosen field. 

Some popular ones include MaxBounty, PeerFly, CrakRevenue, ClickBank, and 


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Do your research and read reviews to find the ones that align best with your goals and values.

3. Sign Up and Get Approved: 

After you’ve chosen the CPA networks or advertisers you want to work with, it’s time to create an account and go through their approval process. 

This usually involves providing some basic information about yourself and your marketing plans, as well as any necessary documentation they require. 

Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to their offers and promotional materials as well as your unique affiliate link or code. 

4. Promote

This is where your creativity and hustle really come into play. 

You need to consistently share and promote your affiliate links on your website, social media channels, email lists, or anywhere else you can reach your target audience. 

Meanwhile, be creative with your content and messaging, and always keep your audience’s needs and interests in mind.

The more people you can get to click on your links and take the desired action, the more you’ll earn. 

5. Track Your Performance: 

Most CPA networks and advertisers provide tracking tools and analytics so you can monitor your campaigns’ performance. 

You can use this to optimize your strategies and focus on the offers that are performing best. 

Also, pay attention to metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and earnings per click to help you make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts.


Easiest Ways to Make Money from CPA Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (Expert Tips)

CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria


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While CPA affiliate marketing is a lucrative opportunity, you need to start with a solid foundation and build your way up. 

Here are some expert tips to help you increase your earning potential as a beginner:


  • Start with offers that have a low barrier to entry, like signing up for a free trial or submitting an email address. 

These types of offers are easier to convert, and they can help you build momentum and gain experience before tackling more challenging offers.

  • Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok to promote your affiliate links. 

These platforms allow you to connect with your target audience in a more personal and engaging way, and they are powerful tools for driving traffic and conversions.

  • Create valuable content like blog posts, videos, or tutorials) that you can naturally add your affiliate links. 

When you give useful information and resources to your audience, you’ll not only build trust and credibility, but you’ll also increase the chances of them taking the desired action.

  • Also, Build an email list and share your affiliate offers with your subscribers. 

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with your audience, and it can be a powerful tool for driving conversions.

  • Participate in relevant online communities and forums, and share your affiliate links when appropriate. 

This can help you tap into niche audiences and build relationships with potential customers who are already interested in the products or services you’re promoting.

  • Work with other affiliates or influencers in your niche for cross-promotion opportunities. 

You can leverage each other’s audiences and increase your reach and visibility.


Top 10 CPA Marketing Websites to Kickstart as a Beginner

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to check out some of the top CPA networks and advertisers to work with as a beginner. 

Here are 10 of the best options to consider as a beginner. 

  1. MaxBounty: 

It is one of the largest and most well-known CPA networks that works across various industries, including finance, health, and e-commerce.

  1. PeerFly: 

With a focus on high-quality offers, PeerFly is a great choice for beginners looking to get started in CPA marketing.

  1. CrakRevenue: 

This network focuses on offers related to dating, gaming, and entertainment, which makes it a great option for affiliates targeting those niches.

  1. ClickBank: 

While it is not solely a CPA network, ClickBank offers various digital products and services that can be promoted through CPA affiliate marketing.


With a strong reputation in the industry, is a reliable choice for beginners looking to work in different niches.

  1. AffiliateWP

If you’re running a WordPress website, AffiliateWP is a good plugin that can help you manage and track your affiliate marketing efforts easily.

  1. ShareASale: 

This well-established network works across multiple industries, making it a versatile option for beginners who want to work in different niches. 

  1. Rakuten Marketing: 

Formerly known as LinkShare, Rakuten Marketing is a trusted name in the affiliate marketing space and offers various CPA opportunities.

  1. AffiliateWindow: 

With a focus on transparency and performance-based pricing, AffiliateWindow is a great choice for beginner affiliates looking to maximize their earnings.

  1. AvantLink: 

This network specializes in offers related to outdoor gear, apparel, and lifestyle products

So, it is a good fit for affiliates targeting those niches.

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Key Takeaways: Guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners

CPA affiliate marketing in Nigeria is a way to earn money by promoting other companies products or services and getting paid for each qualifying action 

To get started, choose a niche you’re interested in or knowledgeable about to make it easier to promote suitable offers and connect with your


Then sign up with reputable CPA networks or advertisers, get approved, and start promoting their offers through your website, social media, email lists, and other channels.

We have listed the top 10 reliable CPA networks you can start with as a beginner. 


However, as a beginner, start with low-barrier offers like free trials or email submissions to build your experience.

Then use social media, create valuable content, build an email list, participate in active online communities, and work with others to maximize your reach and conversions.


We hope this guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners has been helpful to you. 

Don’t forget to share with your friends and family. 

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Thank you for reading, we hope to have you back soon. 



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