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Quickest ways to Make More Money from your Business

Looking for the quickest ways to make money from your business from today, Here’s how to make money from what you’re already doing…

Please note that this is not just about the amount you make.

N1K per day is N30K a month, It’s someone’s salary.
N5K daily is N150K a month. That’s someone’s salary.
Or N10K per day. Whichever

The key thing is that money hits your account daily.

You can step up the pedal.

I received N14,995 yesterday… This morning I’ve received N4955.

It’s from one source. Just one source.

The very source I’m about to tell you.

The sweet thing is that you should normalize making money daily the way you spend every day.

I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t spend money everyday, no matter how little.

The EASIEST WAY to do this is to CREATE A SHORT EBOOK based on what you’re already doing.

This is how this book thingy works …


If you run a food business, an ebook like HOW TO COST YOUR SHAWARMA BUSINESS TO MAKE PROFITS can sell.


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If you’re an HR person, an ebook like HOW TO IDENTIFY AN UNSERIOUS APPLICANT IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS is something business people want to buy.

If you’re a relationship expert, an ebook like HOW TO MAINTAIN AN ERECTION FOR 1 HOUR & SATISFY YOUR WIFE IN BED WITHOUT USING DRUGS can sell like wildfire.

If you’re a lawyer, an ebook LIKE HOW TO PREVENT YOUR LANDLORD FROM INCREASING YOUR RENT can sell like crazy.

As a pastor, you can author a book for millions of pastors now receiving calls from God. An ebook like HOW TO PREPARE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SERMONS EVEN WHEN THE HOLY SPIRIT IS NOT SPEAKING can sell.

Notice the titles of the ebooks?

I didn’t say you should write any kind of book.

You MUST write an ebook that solves a specific problem for many people and that they’re willing to pay for.

Whatever profession, whatever industry, whatever thing you do, you can author an ebook.

How can the book sell every day?

Price it low. Yes.

Pricing it between N999 and N2999 can work magic.

It’s easy to buy. It’s disposable income.

It’s affordable to very many people.

There are many ways you can write an ebook, but here’s what you can do.
– Ask 15 people you trust their intelligence for one solution each to the problem.
– or in-depth knowledge about it some hidden place online
– Cobble all the solutions.
– Add your own words and tweak. Add stories.
– Put them into 10 – 15 chapters in the ebook.

Boom, you have a 5-20 page ebook that has about 3000 words. That suffices to sell as an ebook.

The key thing that makes the book sell is to make people know that it is existing for them to buy the ebook.

I’ll tell you how.

  1. Get very active on all your social media platforms and create content that makes people know about the ebook.

Do NOT use the same content every day!



A few ways to tweak content are.

– To tell a pastor where to get sermons even when they don’t feel the flow.

– To show how old sermons can be tweaked to sound new and inspiring and fresh.

– To show how to infuse stories like Joel Osteen and keep members attentive and hooked.

– To tell pastors how to feel just OK, even if they don’t hear audible voices from God.

Do you get the drift now? I bet you do!

Every day, find a new angle, a new twist, a new story, a new perspective, a new picture.

The import of this is that people key indifferently from different angles and they want to buy.

Your role is to create as many angles as possible and to keep marketing.

So, every day, share content on these platforms:
WhatsApp broadcast.
WhatsApp status.
As many as you can.




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  1. Use paid ads to get people to see and buy your book.

You gotta realize that the more new pairs of eyes see your book, the more likely sales come in daily.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been paying people who have large viewership on their WhatsApp status to advertise for me.

By paying as low as N5K I get more than 100 leads.

Out of the 100 leads, at least 10 buy.

Are the rest useless? No! I’ll keep putting content in their faces and other ebooks that will get them buying.

So, you can pay… People who have good Whatsapp viewership.

– Influencers who have great followers.
– Facebook to use Facebook ads.
– Instagram to use Instagram ads.

To sweeten the deal and get people buying, you can always give them extras such as bonuses or premium coaching…

Bonuses could be links to other related guides that will garnish your own book.

Bonuses can be Facebook live sessions that I downloaded as a video.

Bonuses can be Zoom sessions you held.

Bonuses can be Q & A sessions you packaged.

Whichever, if the bonuses are great and useful, people dive into the purchase.


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Yes o, choke buyers with value as humans have a default mode of getting so much more for less.

This art of creation and offering to people MUST be a daily cycle for you.

You MUST daily engage in it like the air you breathe and keep doing it.

With the monies that come in…

… You solve family problems.
… You can buy those kinds of stuff you wish to have.
… You can promote yourself the more.
… You can engage in other make money online opportunities I will be introducing
… You can gradually start that business you dream to have
… You take care of emergencies.

And a lot more.


I hope the above info made sense on how to make more money from your business in Nigeria?

If it did, please share my list with your friends to receive value as well


Ani David

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