You are currently viewing $$ TOP Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars in Nigeria

$$ TOP Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars in Nigeria


Recently a lot of people have been searching for passive income ideas to earn dollars online 

It has been documented that there are several legitimate opportunities for Nigerians and Africans to earn income passively in earn dollars 


These opportunities can also allow you to maintain your 9 to 5 job while creating additional income on the side. 


With these passive income ideas we have published, you can earn dollars while keeping your day jobs

Or if you’ve succeeded in building a reliable passive income stream, you might be able to fire your employer. 


In either case, having a passive income stream gives you more financial security. 

By any means… 

Two elements must be easily accessible in order to create an effective passive income stream. 


Time and money are the two issues you will be having in making passive income to earn dollars 

The amount of profit that may be easily produced in addition to what you as an individual earn will depend on the time and money involved.


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To assist you to earn an extra $750 per month, we shall outline the Top Passive Income Ideas to Earn dollars in Nigeria

So if this is your first time on this platform, kindly note that we publish various ways to Start Earning Dollars in Nigeria


Today, you will get answers to questions like;


Therefore, let’s begin…


Oh, I just got a call from Larry Page (owner of Google)…

He said I should make sure to explain more about passive income before listing the best passive ideas to earn dollars online. 

Who am I to say no,, He’s my boss right here… 



Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


An Income is often money received in exchange for services provided during the specified time range.

It could be received hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


However, passive and active income has been defined as the two fundamental sources of income.


What is an Active Income?

Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


Active income refers to money earned that you directly contributed to and worked for. 

Active income is income received from a job or business venture that you actively participated in. 

Active income is quite common especially in Nigeria despite having a high unemployment rate


It is well obvious that most people (over 85%) of people in Africa live on active income

Paychecks or salaries received at the end of the week or month are all examples of active income, and freelance work is also included.


What is a Passive income? 

Passive income is money generated from active assets

Or you can say it’s an Income that is earned with little to no active effort from you… The beneficiary is referred to as passive income.

Follow the situation below to better understand how passive income operates:



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Kenny, who is 27 years old, is employed by a company that mostly deals with the provision of protein and fiber to West Africa. 

He is believed to be making $90 per month in pay.

Stephen learned about the opportunity to earn extra dollars in Nigeria after reading content similar to this one online.


Stephen implemented what he learned and in a couple of months, he now earns $400 more per month from his affiliate marketing stunts on YouTube and a little more than $250 from his blog.

Even when he decides to stop posting content on his YouTube and his blog 

His content keeps bringing in visitors who keep buying through his affiliate links and he keeps earning commissions for life. 


Affiliate marketing is just an example of how one can earn in dollars passively 

We will unveil more passive income ideas to earn dollars soon… 

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Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


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Whatever passive income ideas to earn dollars you choose to earn is up to you. 

However, it is not a get-rich-quick plan.


In order to create a passive income stream, you must take the necessary steps.

The best thing is that getting it right early allows you to relax and take advantage of your good fortune for many years.


When you first start out, you may have to invest some money, maybe as little as $100 to get the right knowledge or resources 

Then when you start getting the results, you might reinvest it until you can generate a reliable passive income in dollars.

You may be certain to earn a sustainable income in dollars If your recurrent income is significant


Now let’s dive into the “Headline of the day”



Considering the following recurrent passive income ideas, you can be able to earn at least $500 monthly

If you are earning pennies like Kenny in our example, above… 

Here are the lists of the best passive income ideas to start earning dollars from today. 


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – AFFILIATE MARKETING 

Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars

Basically, a market is a location where people buy and sell products. 

But things don’t stop there. 


Due to the advent of the internet, marketing has undergone changes over time

Affiliate marketing is a highly evolving business venture in the world.  



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In an affiliate marketing scheme, your primary responsibility is to refer prospective consumers to reputable vendors so they can place orders

And you get compensated for each sale or customer impression you generate 


Affiliate marketing is a great passive income idea to earn dollars if you know the right strategies to implement 

It is difficult to start affiliate marketing without guidance and mentorship 

To avoid becoming quite frustrated and finally giving up, it is better to copy the secrets of very successful affiliate marketers. 


Finally, with affiliate marketing, anyone can earn crazy dollars online 

See how David Generated $214,917.64 in Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – DROPSHIPPING

According to rumors, dropshipping is extremely similar to the affiliate marketing system

MTN SME cost in Nigeria


Nevertheless, here’s a quick example of what dropshipping looks like:


“Philips has no shops or products, but he does have a large inventory on his website. 

Philip’s job is to take orders from anybody who uses his platform, website, or store to place an order.

He would then place another order with the company that owns the product.

However, Philips must either have the items brought to him and then send it to his customer’s location

Or maybe have the items shipped directly to his customer’s location.


You might wonder, though, how can I earn dollars from dropshipping in Nigeria. 

When you increase the price of your store, you can earn dollars in commissions from dropshipping in Nigeria. 

For instance, a $7 wristwatch may be purchased on

You add the identical product to your store and charge $30 for it. 

You earn a passive income of $23 from just that one sale with this alone 


Dropshipping is a legitimate way to earn an additional $400 per month in Nigeria 

And is one of the recurrent passive income ideas to earn dollars in Nigeria 


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – FOREX TRADING

Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


You might be familiar with the Forex trading

Forex sites are where billions of dollars are traded every day, along with billions of dollars lost.

However, if you’re reading to know the top Passive income ideas to earn dollars 

Why not think about trading forex… here you can earn about 2000$ per month 


However, without the appropriate instruction and mentorship, you shouldn’t try it though 

As was already mentioned, you cannot successfully create a passive income stream without investing time and money into it


So, one of the top passive income ideas that  can make you wealthy is trading in forex, which is quite rewarding if you have acquired the knowledge 

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  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – BLOGGING 

Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


The most well-known bloggers in Nigeria are thought to earn a monthly income of at least $500,000. 

That’s very right… 


Over time, blogging can bring in a significant increase in income over everyday employment

Anyone who is prepared to put in the work and time will reap many rewards from this very successful passive income stream.


There are many ways to make money blogging, so anyone can start a successful side income stream as a blogger 

Blogging is surely one of the businesses that may produce passive income in dollars, particularly if you learn how to use SEO to increase your visitors.


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT 

According to recent comments and public opinion, real estate investment is the next “oil boom.” 


In Nigeria, buying and selling real estate is a tremendously lucrative passive income idea to earn dollars 

That anybody may become involved with, no matter the location… 


Real estate investing has helped many Nigerians establish themselves.

Find a real estate company with whom you may invest with, to create a passive income stream for yourself.


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – CREATING ONLINE COURSES

Online courses in Nigeria


Users are permitted to upload courses and sell them on some sites, such as Udemy

Creating online courses and digital products is a superb passive income idea to make money online in Nigeria 


You must be familiar with the subject matter before you create a valuable online course

But in order for it to succeed, you must work hard and market your courses consistently.

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  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – YOUTUBING

YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars


You may develop a channel full of videos centered around a particular subject or idea, and when the algorithm ranks or suggests those videos, you can earn passive YouTube money from ad views.


Advertising revenue is the most passive source of income for the majority of popular YouTubers.

Earning money with YouTube ads is just the beginning… 

Here are several ways YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars passively 


After the videos are uploaded on your channel, YouTube income is passive as long as it is being seen.

Your income will increase steadily as your video library and viewership both increase.


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  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – SELL PHOTOS ONLINE

Earn Dollars in Nigeria

Through websites such as Shutterstock, users can buy your photos and pay you in dollars for them. 

In addition to your usual employment, if you are into digital artwork, photography, etc. 

You may use this passive income idea to earn dollars online at least $500 extra every month.

You can create an online store to sell your images and artwork,

Take a look at these sites for selling your photos and digital artwork includes; Etsy, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc 


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – GIVING LOANS 

Giving loans is yet another concept on the list of top passive income ideas to earn dollars. 

When you provide lending services where repayments must be made with interest, you create a wonderful option to make money recurrently 


However, as this business is not meant to be an active source of income, you must be certain you have a system in place to track and manage it automatically before starting one.

Yes, loans and rendering services are one of the top Passive income ideas in Nigeria


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – CREATE EBOOKS

Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


If you are good at writing, put more time and experience into it,

You can publish your works, inform of book guides and earn in dollars for it, anytime any day. 


You may produce ebooks and advertise them using tried-and-true social media marketing techniques.

Additionally, you may publish it on Amazon Kindle.


This passive income idea to earn dollars may make you a fortune even without any investment 

At the same time, you’ll also establish your authority as a subject matter expert in the field or business you are in.

With Amazon Kindle publishing, you don’t have to be a writer to publish ebooks that generate money every single month 

See how these Nigerian students earn passive income by creating and selling books


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – PARTNERSHIPS 

This is done by partnering with established businesses to produce passive income without having to start from scratch

A successful partnership is often an agreement between two or more people over a specific plan that requires funding to accomplish.

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  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE

Another passive income idea to earn dollars is by growing a membership website

With a membership website, you can accumulate in-demand materials that your visitors can only get access to after making a payment 

It can be a one-time payment, or even a recurring or subscription plan 

You have to learn to monetize your resources, only members will be granted access 


Membership websites are highly legitimate businesses for example this PLR website 

If you can attract many subscribers looking for your material or whatever you have to offer,

You can be guaranteed of making more than $500 each month with this passive income idea


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – MAKE AN APP 

Make money with an app

Making the first-time commitment to creating an app can allow you to later reap the benefits passively

Your app may be a game or a tool that makes it easier for mobile users to carry out a challenging task.

Once your software is available to the public, consumers will download it and you can make money.


If you can create an app that your audience finds appealing, there are several benefits.

You must think about the best way to make your app monetizable and profitable.

For instance, you may display in-app advertisements or charge a small fee to customers to download the app.


To maintain the app’s appeal and relevancy when it grows in popularity or as a result of user input, you’ll probably need to add little additions.

Your time being wasted is most likely the largest danger in this situation.

There are several apps out there… 

For your app to succeed then you must provide consumers with a compelling value or experience.

Additionally, you should confirm that your app complies with local privacy regulations if it gathers any data, as these rules vary from country to country. 


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – STAKE CRYPTOCURRENCY

Save in dollars in Nigeria

The practice of “staking crypto,” or investing in many cryptocurrencies, can be a terrific method to generate a passive income of 5% to 10%.

Consider it similar to collecting interest on your savings, but with more rewards.


What should be your first step?

Learn about proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies and how to access a cryptocurrency wallet first.


To decide which cryptocurrency to invest in… 

You’ll just need to educate yourself on the many options available.

When you’re ready, crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase might be amazing options for purchasing cryptocurrency.

After that, all that’s left to do is wait for the returns on your assets and keep an eye on them.

Your passive income stream will grow as a result of your improved investing choices and increased knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.


Remember that staking cryptocurrency entails risks of its own, just like any investment.

You’ll also need to devote a lot of time upfront studying your possibilities so you can make smart investments.

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  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – SELL DESIGNS 

Selling digital designs on design marketplaces like 99designs, ThemeForest, or Creative Market is a terrific way to start a passive income to earn dollars

These platforms offer a built-in market that is already hungry for design materials, regardless of whether you utilize a website builder to create website themes, logos, branding resources, templates, drawings, or even fonts.


The $13.1 billion sector of graphic design in the US is constantly expanding.

Thankfully, securing a passive piece of that pie may also be simple.

For instance, you would have to apply and wait for approval if you wanted to begin selling designs on Creative Market.


From there, you obtain your own retail space where you may begin offering your exclusive creations for sale.

You can also get yourself a website to host your design works


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – PODCASTS & AUDIOBOOKS

Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars


Podcasts and audiobooks are digital goods that can be sold over and over again for ages to come 

The majority of audiobook narrators are compensated with royalties, 

So if you establish yourself in the field, it is feasible to generate passive income in this manner.


Just like YouTubers, Podcasters can build a channel full of audio centered around a particular subject or idea, 

Members or listeners can subscribe to get access to your podcasts while the creators earn passively for each media play


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – FINANCE TRANSPORTATION 

The movement of people, products, and even services from one location to another is a major component of transportation.

In Nigeria, investing in the transportation industry is a surefire way to make goods and earn passively.

This includes the Uber industry, which has flourished in every part of the world and in Nigeria.


To invest in the transportation business, you don’t need to buy taxes, buses, etc

Simply leverage the idea behind Uber and Bolt, etc.. and earn steady commissions from your app 


  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – SUBSCRIPTION COMPANY

Just as the POS business is quite beneficial, especially in Nigeria

Selling Data packages… subscription plans like Cable and TV plans etc is a high in-demand business venture

You just have to build a reliable portal that starts and completes the transactions automatically


This is a very lucrative and passive income idea when done correctly 

It may require great branding and good marketing strategies for your company to become popular and compete better

An example of a successful data recharge and subscription company in Nigeria is Dataway 

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  1. Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – INVEST IN AGRICULTURE 

Last but not least is by investing in agriculture 

Nigeria’s economy relies on agriculture to exist. 

In light of this, investing in agriculture is comparable to purchasing future stock.


Agriculture investing is quite legitimate, and if you do it in Nigeria you may expect to earn an additional income every month.

This is due to the fact that agriculture is extremely necessary in Nigeria, and demand is constant. 

You will have to make sure you are always making the appropriate investments.

Many platforms have been developed by Nigerians using technology and all you need to do to invest is register on the platform.


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List of the top Nigeria Digital Investment Platforms for Agriculture

You may start investing in the following sites for agriculture passive income right away:



Earn Dollars in Nigeria


When it comes to creating revenue streams, no advice is “one size fits all.”

Your financial situation and future financial goals should determine how many sources of income you have.

But having a few is a fantastic place to start.


Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that working on a new passive income stream isn’t taking your attention away from your current revenue sources.

In order to ensure that you’re selecting the finest chances for your time, you should balance your efforts.


Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – FAQ 

Let’s answer a few questions that you might have in mind in regard to this topic 


How much money can I earn from passive income?

A wide range of passive income is available. 

Some people earn a few dollars each day, while others earn more than $100,000 annually.

It depends on the sources of passive income you select and how much time you invest in them.


What is the easiest source of passive income?

The simplest way to generate passive income could be to buy dividend-paying equities. 

Each quarter, dividends are paid out for purchasing and keeping these stocks.


Affiliate marketing is also an excellent strategy for you if you want to create a system that generates passive revenue.


A List of Best Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars Online

  • Start a dropshipping business.
  • Create online courses
  • Start a blog
  • Sell digital products
  • Build a membership site
  • Create a site for affiliate marketing
  • Become a social media influencer
  • Earn with Google AdSense
  • Sell stock photos online
  • Become an influencer on Instagram
  • Invest money in stocks.
  • Sell podcast subscriptions
  • Create and monetize an App
  • Give loans with interest
  • Invest in real estate
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Earn with Amazon Kindle publishing
  • Earned interest on savings
  • Etc


Passive Income Ideas to Earn Dollars – CONCLUSION

If you invest the work, time, and money into any of the legitimate and successful passive income ideas outlined above, 

You can legitimate earn at least $500 every month in Nigeria 

However, as was already discussed, 

You must commit time and money in order to earn significantly from these passive income ideas.


Did I miss anything? 

What other ideas do you have that can generate a passive income business today? 

Kindly share in the comment section below 


Thanks for reading my content, have fun… 

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