You are currently viewing RICH Guide: How to Receive Dollars in Nigeria 2023 (+ FREE Way)

RICH Guide: How to Receive Dollars in Nigeria 2023 (+ FREE Way)

I believe you want to discover how we easily send and receive dollars in Nigeria right now

Losing money due to a lack of knowledge on how to get dollars in Nigeria from the USA, Canada, etc. can be quite aggravating.

It has become simpler to receive money in dollars thanks to online apps and international money transfer providers.


In Nigeria, there are many fintech apps available for earning money from your company, friends, and family as well as working as a freelancer who earn dollars

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In this article, I’ll share with you the best fintech apps to receive dollars in Nigeria from the UK and how receiving money in Nigeria actually works.

By highlighting the actual difficulties and effective solutions, this guide will significantly add value.

However, these international money transfer services typically come with fees, so be sure to verify your costs.

The greatest services will always provide Convenient and relatively reasonable charges.


However, we will reveal a simple strategy we use to send and receive foreign currencies in Nigeria for Free without paying for transactional charges 

Yes, you’ll discover the solution to that at the ending of this article 



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When utilizing money transfer apps, security is another issue to be aware about.

You must make sure that your transactions are secure, and this should involve extremely robust device-to-device encryption.

You can receive dollars in Nigeria more easily now that we have carefully chosen a few apps and platforms that we believe would meet your needs.

This is what you’ll learn today

Let’s get started… 


Best Apps to Receive Dollars in Nigeria from the UK

Do you earn dollars in Nigeria, below is a list of the top apps for receiving dollars directly into your Nigerian bank account… 


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With WISE 

Receive dollars in Nigeria

You probably already know that it can be expensive and difficult to receive dollars in Nigeria from abroad.

It’s a good thing that there are now a number of choices that can make getting money overseas a lot simpler.

Wise is among them.


To receive dollars in Nigeria from the UK and other international currencies, Wise offers a simple, quick, and affordable method.

With Wise, the beneficiary receives the funds in their bank account without any additional fees within 24 hours.

Sign Up on Wise


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With PAYONEER

Receive dollars in Nigeria

Payoneer is an online banking platform through which people send and receive dollars in Nigeria from abroad.

It is among the best money transfer providers in Nigeria.

You can open a virtual bank account with Payoneer in a number of different currencies, including US dollars, euros, and British pounds.


Regardless of your status as a worker, independent contractor, or owner of a small business, Payoneer gives you the chance to receive several payments from the global market with ease.

Additionally, Payoneer offers MasterCard and Visa cards to its consumers.

Payoneer is the finest alternative platform to transfer and receive dollars in Nigeria from the UK due to Paypal’s limitations.

Each bank account withdrawal performed with Payoneer costs $15..

Sign Up on Payoneer


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With DEEL 

Deel is the first payroll software in Nigeria that automates everything and maintains track of payments for employers with remote workers.

Around the world, remote employees rely on reputable payment services like Deel.


You need a verified account in order to transfer money from the UK to your Nigerian bank account as an independent contractor for overseas businesses.


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Bank transfers, Payoneer, Paypal, Coinbase, Revolut, and Wise withdrawal options are all supported by Deel.

Additionally, fees are charged for each withdrawal from your Deel account.

Sign Up on Deel


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With USDT 

Save in dollars in Nigeria

It’s interesting to note that via cryptocurrency exchange platforms, USDT can be utilised to receive dollars in Nigeria and have it deposited into a local bank account.

At the same time, utilising apps like Binance, Quidax, Remitano, etc., it is possible to convert USDT for naira through a peer-to-peer exchange.

Simply said, USDT is a form of virtual money that can be used to buy goods and services as well as to send money to anybody you choose.


To conduct any Crypto transaction, you will unquestionably require a wallet.

You simply receive the USDT equivalent amount of the dollar you want from someone abroad. 

Sign up on Binance to receive USDT



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  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With WORLDREMIT 

I want you to know that the Central Bank of Nigeria actually announced a few adjustments to the methods by which citizens can receive money as of December.

The most wonderful aspect of WorldRemit is that it gives you the choice of transferring money to a legitimate US dollar bank account in Nigeria or for cash pickup in US dollars.


We have provided some advice to help you ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Transfers in Naira cannot be made, thus if you attempt to do so, the transaction will undoubtedly fail.
  • Checking the recipient’s primary phone number to make sure it’s accurate is essential when sending money for Cash pickup.
  • A code will be sent to the number you provided. 


Note: 9mobile network numbers are invalid for this since they cannot receive the code.

To reduce the likelihood that notes will be available for acquisition, round cash pickup transactions to the nearest $10 USD.

But bank transfer transactions must go to a Nigerian bank account that is domiciled in US dollars.

However, not all banks collaborate with WorldRemit.

First Bank, AccessBank, Diamond Bank, FCMB, Fidelity, and Ecobank are among the banks that work with WorldRemit.


There is a limit on how much money can be transferred to Nigeria, which is N7,000,000 per transfer and per day for bank transactions..

Sign Up on WorldRemit


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With AZIMO

This app offers the money transfer to Nigeria as a bank transfer and as an airtime popup too.

Azimo partners with the following banks: Zenith Bank, GT Bank, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, UBA Bank, and Ecobank.

It’s a great alternative for sending money to Nigeria from the UK and other parts of Europe.

Additionally, you can send money via Azimo directly to your recipient’s bank account or for cash collection. 

To get the money you sent, your recipient won’t be charged anything.

In actuality, Azimo is 77% less expensive than competing transfer services.

Sign Up On Azimo



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  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With TRANSFERGO 

Receive dollars in Nigeria

Use this reasonably priced international money transfer service to send and receive dollars in Nigeria.

Currently, the organization offers 22 currencies in more than 47 nations.


You don’t really need to worry about TransferGo because it is an authorized payment institution that is overseen by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in England and is not only licensed but also authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

As a result, they adhere to the same security standards as any other commercial bank.

TransferGo genuinely offers high-quality money transfers at a very good price and with speed and ease.

Another benefit of TransferGo is that their cost is determined by the very competitive exchange rates and the speed at which you want the money to be sent.

It’s that simple.

Sign Up on TransferGo


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  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With PAYSTACK

This is a global payment corporation that has operations in Nigeria and several countries.

Despite the fact that Paystack isn’t a money transfer business, it greatly facilitates the process of receiving US dollars in Nigeria from UK-based Paystack users.

You can send the foreign payer a payment link you created from your Paystack dashboard if they have a Paystack account.

With your payment link, the payer can pay with a debit or credit card, and you will get the funds in your dashboard and transfer them directly to your bank account in naira.


Business owners, artists, and freelancers in Nigeria all use Paystack to receive payments from all around the world.

This is an excellent alternative for money transfer services.

However, the payer must have an account with Paystack in order for the transaction to be successful.

Sign Up on Paystack 


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With FLUTTERWAVE

Receive dollars in Nigeria

This is a money transfer service that is extremely similar to Paystack that enables users with Flutterwave accounts to send and receive dollars in Nigeria or other currencies from anywhere in the world.

You might be wondering what Flutterwave is all about.

Located in Nigeria, Flutterwave is a fintech business that provides payment choices throughout Africa and a system for international merchants.


Olugbenga Ayboola and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji are the founders of Flutterwave. built in 2016

Sign Up on Flutterwave


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With MONEYGRAM

In case this is the first time you’ve heard of MoneyGram,

I’ll tell you all about it.


Unquestionably, MoneyGram is among the oldest and most dependable ways to transfer and receive money into Nigeria from overseas.

MoneyGram currently partners with more than 350 banks worldwide and has over 350,000 agent locations.

This alone should demonstrate its legitimacy.

Simply said, MoneyGram is the second-largest international money transfer service, making it possible to send money to Nigeria very quickly.

Your money will definitely reach the intended recipient, you can be certain of that.

Sign Up on MoneyGram


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With REMITLY 

When it comes to sending and receiving dollars to Nigeria, this is yet another excellent international money transfer service to consider.

Remitly is such a fantastic online substitute for established money transfer companies like MoneyGram and Western Union.

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This is due to Remitly’s ability to send money to Nigeria quickly, securely, and affordably.


The Remitly app is also simply accessible on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Only cash pickup or bank deposits in USD are accepted by Remitly as methods of money transfer to recipients in Nigeria.

However, the recipient must have a domiciliary account in order to receive money in bank deposits via Remitly.


You may also use Remitly to transfer funds from the following nations to Nigeria: Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Singapore, UK, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Sign Up on Remitly


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With SENDCASH AFRICA

This is a highly convenient and quick way for people to transfer money to Nigerian bank accounts from anywhere in the world.

You may do this quickly by using cryptocurrency with your bank card, Apple Pay, Cash app, or even a crypto wallet.


SendCash is such a fantastic site that can be used to send money to friends and family members who live in Nigeria as well as by people who receive money from clients abroad, like a freelancer in Nigeria.

Furthermore, you might find it interesting to know that SendCash is cost-effective, quick, and sign-up is not necessary.

That just made the whole process a thousand times easier.

Simply enter the account number that you want to send money to, and you’re ready to go.


On Sendcash, money transactions might take anywhere from a few minutes to four hours.

Everything is dependent on the prevailing rates and liquidity at the time.

Sign Up on SendCash


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With EVERSEND 

Receive dollars in Nigeria

This outstanding multi-currency e-wallet makes it simple and convenient for anyone to exchange, save, and instantly receive dollars at the best rates.

With the EverSend App, instant bank transfers may be made to bank accounts in Nigeria.

The benefit of this software is that it can reduce fees and foreign exchange costs by up to 70%.

Additionally, it provides you the freedom to instantaneously shop online by creating a virtual debit card.

Any currency can be loaded into the virtual debit card, allowing you to make online purchases in dollars. 


In addition to everything I’ve already described, the app lets you save and trade currencies like USD, EUR, NGN, KES, UGX, and RWF.

You can receive dollar payments in Nigeria with Eversend from any of the countries listed below;

Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands.

Africa: Swaziland, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya.

Rest of the World: Kuwait, South Korea, Australia, Canada, India, United Arab Emirates, and United States.

Sign Up on Eversend


  1. Receive Dollars in Nigeria With RIA MONEY TRANSFER

Since the late 1980s, this has been among the greatest apps for sending money, with roughly 377,000 locations in total.

When it comes to pickups in nations like India, Ria also has an advantage.

On the other side, the recipient does not have to accept payment or even pick up the cash; signing up on RIA is completely free.

RIA might not actually charge for transaction fees but will definitely take a cut by marking up the exchange rate.

RIA presently collaborates with Nigerian banks like Diamond Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank, and Ecobank, which makes it simpler to receive foreign currency in Nigeria.

With RIA money transfers, there are no additional fees.

Your payer must register for an RIA account by going to the RIA website in order to send money to you successfully via RIA.

They are then allowed to send you money to Nigeria once their RIA account has been approved.

However, a Nigerian National Identity Card, a foreign passport, or a driver’s license will be required to establish the recipient’s identity.


Nigeria’s RIA money transfer cap is $500.

You will receive payment as the recipient in dollars rather than the naira equivalent..

Sign Up on RIA Money Transfer


Anyway, let’s get to something more interesting… 



Looking for how to send and receive dollars in Nigeria for free?

To be able to send and receive foreign currencies in Nigeria for free, you have to open a account


Grey review 2023 is a fintech company created to assist Africans in opening foreign bank accounts so they may receive and send money overseas online.

Grey is frequently used by digital nomads, freelancers, and anyone who earns dollars in Nigeria,

Recently, also introduced the Grey virtual cards to allow its customers to shop, stream, subscribe, and pay for any online transaction worldwide.

But to be able to send and receive dollars in Nigeria for free, you have to create a GreyTag

According to – A GreyTag is a P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer feature – a faster way to do all kinds of online transactions for free


How Does The GreyTag P2P Transfer Work?

With a GreyTag, you can now send and receive payments instantly on your Grey account.

You no longer have to receive or send your banking details for international transactions.

By simply sharing your GreyTag, anyone with a Grey account can receive or send you USD, EUR, GBP, KES, Tsh, UGX, NGN, and other acceptable currencies.

This makes sending money abroad super easy…

If you’re a business owner, your employees, friends, and family members can get your payments faster and for free when you use the Grey Tag feature.


Why Should You Send Money Via a GreyTag?

Here are some reasons why using this transfer technique is likely one of the greatest options on

  1. Instantaneous transfers: Using this option, money can be sent and received instantly.

Your recipients will get the money right away in their Grey balance because there are no banks and no lengthy reconciliation procedures required.


  1. Free transfers: You won’t be charged extra to send money abroad.

On Grey, P2P transfers are entirely free.


  1. Security: Every user on goes through a sophisticated verification process.

Every GreyTag is unique, so you’re 100% sure you’re sending funds to the right person.


So if you have digital skills in Nigeria, you can work with foreign clients, and suggest they pay you with the GreyTag and you receive foreign currencies in Nigeria for free


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To create your personal GreyTag for free foreign transactions

Follow the steps below


  1. First thing is to sign up on and verify your email address.

Click here to create a Account (use Promo code – QRMVPZ)


  1. Next, proceed to complete your KYC verification by uploading a valid ID card (driver’s license, national ID, or international passport)

Once you’ve been verified, sign in to your account


  1. On your dashboard, tap on the Menu icon, to display the options on the left side of your mobile screen if you’re using a smartphone

Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria


  1. Click on the “Create my $GreyTag

Grey review


  1. Enter a unique username to create your GreyTag review


  1. From your input, the system will automatically show you an available Greytag for confirmation review

Click on “Create GreyTag”

Your GreyTag will be created successfully

C’est fini.. (it’s done)


Now let me show you how to send foreign currencies to anyone who has a verified for free in seconds


How to Send Dollars in Nigeria For Free With GreyTag 

Make sure you have funded your account with Naira, Dollar, Euro, or any currency you want to send


  1. Log in to your Grey account


  1. On your dashboard, tap on the Menu icon, to display the options on the left side of your mobile screen if you’re using a smartphone

Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria

  1. Click on the “Send money from my balance”

Receive Dollars in Nigeria free

  1. Select the “Send using a GreyTag”


On the next page, you will receive a money transfer form

Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria

Send Dollars in Nigeria for free


  1. Select the wallet you have funded for the transfer (your wallet balance will be shown automatically)
  1. Enter the correct GreyTag of the receiver (The receiver’s full name will be displayed automatically for confirmation)


  1. Select the receiver’s wallets to fund

(same currency transfer is absolutely free, no hidden charges)


  1. Input the amount you want to send to GreyTag (the recipient will receive the exact same amount)
  1. The description section is optional… (You can add a side note for the recipient to confirm that the payment came from you)
  1. Finally, tick the box to confirm the transaction and click on PROCEED.

(Your recipient will immediately receive the money in their available balance)


After creating a account, don’t forget to download the mobile app on Playstore or App Store to get the best experience with promises to look for ways to improve its users’ experience constantly.

As a user you will also get for free;

  • A USD bank account
  • A EUR bank account
  • A GBP bank account


The GreyTag P2P transactions is a new feature added on to make foreign currency transactions in Nigeria smooth and finance friendly recently added the virtual dollar card feature for its users to make dollar payments with ease

You can get all these features by creating and verifying a account


Do Note that: KYC verification takes one full business day… Your virtual account application will also be reviewed and you should get a response between 1-3 business days.

Start NOW: Create a Account (use Promo code – QRMVPZ)




List of Apps to Receive Dollars to Nigeria – Summary

If you’re looking to receive money from the UK to Nigeria, below is a summary of fintech apps you can use:

  • Grey
  • Wise
  • Payoneer
  • Deel
  • Bitcoin
  • WorldRemit
  • TransferGo
  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave
  • Sendcash Africa


The following apps will allow you to receive money from friends and family, business partners etc in the UK directly to your bank account in Nigeria. 




Top Ways to Receive Dollars in Nigeria – CONCLUSION 

Although you have the aforementioned apps to select from, you need also take other aspects into account when sending money in Nigeria, such as the overall cost of the transfer, the speed of the transfer, and your location.


Some money transfer apps are restricted to specific nations because they won’t all be available globally.


Choose the app and service that are most practical for you.


It’s true that the whole point of making a transfer online is to make it simple, as we all know.


Then choose the platform that is easier to use and has fewer issues or negative reviews.


Have you used any of mentioned apps so far, what was your experience? 


Do you have any challenges creating and verifying an account successfully…  Let us know in the comment section 


You will get a reply, thanks for reading… 


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Watch how to get a virtual dollar cards for online transactions

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