You are currently viewing RICH: Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria for FREE (2023)

RICH: Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria for FREE (2023)


Looking for how to send and receive dollars in Nigeria for free?

Yes, you will discover the best solution to this… 

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We are familiar with transactional charges each time we send and receive dollars with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria 


Every fintech company makes a lot of money from each currency exchange and also with a small amount charged for every transaction you make 

Good news… 

Today’s guide will show you how to send and receive foreign currencies and also popular African currencies for free in seconds

With this procedure, you will be able to transact USD, EUR, GBP, KES, Tsh, UGX, NGN, etc. without paying a dime for bank or network charges 

It’s that awesome? 

Okay, let’s get you started…



To be able to send and receive foreign currencies in Nigeria for free, you have to open a account is a fintech company created to assist Africans in opening foreign bank accounts so they may receive and send money overseas online.


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Grey is frequently used by digital nomads, freelancers, and anyone who earns dollars in Nigeria

Recently, also introduced the Grey virtual cards to allow its customers to shop, stream, subscribe, and pay for any online transaction worldwide.

But to be able to send and receive dollars in Nigeria for free, you have to create a GreyTag

According to Grey.coA GreyTag is a P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer feature – a faster way to do all kinds of online transactions for free 


How Does The GreyTag P2P Transfer Work?

With a GreyTag, you can now send and receive payments instantly on your Grey account. 

You no longer have to receive or send your banking details for international transactions. 

By simply sharing your GreyTag, anyone with a Grey account can receive or send you USD, EUR, GBP, KES, Tsh, UGX, NGN, and other acceptable currencies.

This makes sending money abroad super easy… 

If you’re a business owner, your employees, friends, and family members can get your payments faster and for free when you use the Grey Tag feature. 


Why Should You Send Money Via a GreyTag?

Here are some reasons why using this transfer technique is likely one of the greatest options on

  1. Instantaneous transfers: Using this option, money can be sent and received instantly.

Your recipients will get the money right away in their Grey balance because there are no banks and no lengthy reconciliation procedures required.


  1. Free transfers: You won’t be charged extra to send money abroad.

On Grey, P2P transfers are entirely free.


  1. Security: Every user on goes through a sophisticated verification process.

Every GreyTag is unique, so you’re 100% sure you’re sending funds to the right person.


So if you have digital skills in Nigeria, you can work with foreign clients, and suggest they pay you with the GreyTag and you receive foreign currencies in Nigeria for free 


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To create your personal GreyTag for free foreign transactions 

Follow the steps below 


  1. First thing is to sign up on and verify your email address. 

Click here to create a Account (use Promo code – QRMVPZ


  1. Next, proceed to complete your KYC verification by uploading a valid ID card (driver’s license, national ID, or international passport)

Once you’ve been verified, sign in to your account


  1. On your dashboard, tap on the Menu icon, to display the options on the left side of your mobile screen if you’re using a smartphone

Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria



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  1. Click on the “Create my $GreyTag

Grey review


  1. Enter a unique username to create your GreyTag review


  1. From your input, the system will automatically show you an available Greytag for confirmation review

Click on “Create GreyTag” 

Your GreyTag will be created successfully 

C’est fini.. (it’s done) 


Now let me show you how to send foreign currencies to anyone who has a verified for free in seconds 


How to Send Dollars in Nigeria For Free With GreyTag 

Make sure you have funded your account with Naira, Dollar, Euro, or any currency you want to send 



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  1. Log in to your Grey account


  1. On your dashboard, tap on the Menu icon, to display the options on the left side of your mobile screen if you’re using a smartphone

Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria

  1. Click on the “Send money from my balance” 

Receive Dollars in Nigeria free

  1. Select the “Send using a GreyTag”


On the next page, you will receive a money transfer form 

Send and Receive Dollars in Nigeria

Send Dollars in Nigeria for free


  1. Select the wallet you have funded for the transfer (your wallet balance will be shown automatically)
  1. Enter the correct GreyTag of the receiver (The receiver’s full name will be displayed automatically for confirmation


  1. Select the receiver’s wallets to fund 

(same currency transfer is absolutely free, no hidden charges


  1. Input the amount you want to send to GreyTag (the recipient will receive the exact same amount
  1. The description section is optional… (You can add a side note for the recipient to confirm that the payment came from you
  1. Finally, tick the box to confirm the transaction and click on PROCEED.

(Your recipient will immediately receive the money in their available balance)


After creating a account, don’t forget to download the mobile app on Playstore or App Store to get the best experience with promises to look for ways to improve its users’ experience constantly. 

As a user you will also get for free; 

  • A USD bank account
  • A EUR bank account
  • A GBP bank account


The GreyTag P2P transactions is a new feature added on to make foreign currency transactions in Nigeria smooth and finance friendly recently added the virtual dollar card feature for its users to make dollar payments with ease 

You can get all these features by creating and verifying a account 


Do Note that: KYC verification takes one full business day… Your virtual account application will also be reviewed and you should get a response between 1-3 business days.



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The GreyTag is surely an amazing feature by to allow foreign currencies transfer for free

By the way, we will keep publishing great insights like this to encourage you to start earning dollars in Nigeria.

Kindly note that this content is not sponsored.

In contrast, we are not connected to, so we won’t be held responsible for any losses you may incur, so please exercise caution.


You can get a virtual dollar card for online transactions

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Have you been using the GreyTag to send and receive dollars in Nigeria… please share your experience in the comment section below 

If you have any questions or challenges, feel free to ask in the comments

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