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5 TOP Tactics to Affiliate Marketing Without Investment

Searching for ways to start affiliate marketing without an investment

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Have you ever heard of a business you can start with no money?

A business that you can invest in without money? It may sound surreal to you; far from attainable reality.

But the truth is this, there are many businesses that you can invest in without money.

This is mainly because these businesses do not require a physical presence; physical location is not a must.

You rather need to invest other things aside from money.

One of such businesses is “Affiliate Marketing“.

Does it ring a bell?

Maybe you have heard it before.

In whichever case, Affiliate Marketing is one of the businesses that made the world’s richest men wealthy.

Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos are living proofs that Affiliate Marketing is worth investing in.


What is involved in Affiliate Marketing then?


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Just as its name denotes – Affiliate Marketing means being a sales bridge between a producer and a final consumer.

It is an internet-based marketing practice in which the affiliate gets a commission on every sale that happens as a result of his marketing efforts.

He/she doesn’t need to touch or deliver the goods. It is a lot easier than the local house agent’s job.

Now let me tell you 5 ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Investment.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Without Investment through social media

Being an affiliate doesn’t mean you have to become a blogger right away, Instead, you can begin monetizing your online presence through social media.

You can do this by putting affiliate links in your posts, updates, and profiles and following responses up… Just make sure that you don’t violate the laws of these media platforms.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Without Investment by Leveraging Facebook

Billions of people, are on Facebook these days, which makes it the largest social media platform.

If you have an account, you can promote affiliate products on your page.

The important thing is to feed your audience with what interests them. It could be health, money, fitness, business, writing, relationships, or anything else people are interested in learning about.

Get them to know, like, and trust you!



  1. Affiliate Marketing Without Investment by Exploiting YouTube

Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, then this is the best time to create it.

YouTube is a superbly effective platform for affiliate marketing and has millions of users.

Most successful YouTubers earn millions each year just by making videos promoting products they enjoy.

It is even possible as you’re reading this, people around the world are viewing hundreds of hours of video.

More than a billion hours are watched each day on YouTube, which is a very large figure.

This is one of the best ways to become an affiliate without investing in a blog and website. But know that you probably won’t have very many subscribers in your first few months.

But being consistent will eventually pay.



  1. Affiliate Marketing Without Investment by utilizing Instagram

Millions of people are using Instagram daily.

So it’s no surprise that marketers and advertisers flock to Instagram to sell their products. That’s why learning how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram can be an incredibly valuable tool in your repertoire.

As we’ve seen with the other social media platforms, Instagram relies on the know, like, and trust factor to make everything work.



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  1. Earn Money From Affiliate Programs Without Investing

Once you’ve established a presence on social media platforms or YouTube, you can begin to apply for affiliate network programs where you can promote and earn commissions without paying a dime.

Unlike “Paid” affiliate platforms like Expertnaire and Learnoflix, there are other Affiliate platforms constantly seeking publishers who can promote well.

These platforms provide affiliate marketers with a variety of products and services to promote and earn commissions without incurring any registration fees.

Some examples of free to join affiliate platforms are Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Fiverr Affiliates, and ShareASale to mention a few.


What more is required?

Just like every field, Affiliate Marketing has its rules.

Once again, it’s important to point out that effectively learning how to do affiliate marketing rises and falls on building trust and providing value.

You need to pick a niche and engage an audience in a way that makes them want to hear what you have to say.

Selling the right product is just as important as having a good-looking feed.

Have standards, Be Active, Consistent, and Don’t Forget Your Affiliate Link


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Success doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to post consistently, build your audience, and work hard to make sure that everything comes together as you determine how to do affiliate marketing for your niche.

With time and practice, you’ll learn the best ways to engage with your audience.

By posting at the right time, you’ll be better situated to engage and sell more to your audience.

Regardless of which affiliate marketing method you choose, the emphasis is always on providing value to your potential customer.

You have to make people trust you enough to click your ad, link, or blog post. Then, you have to follow up with a value that prompts your audience to act further.

So, now, what is your opinion of Affiliate Marketing? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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