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Best Active Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria 2024

What are the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria in 2024 has been a popular question on Google by numerous tech-savvy individuals in Nigeria

Amidst a challenging quest for the latest methods of transferring dollars to Nigeria, we have been tasked with unveiling the foremost and most up-to-date operational virtual dollar cards in Nigeria 2024.

Opting for a debit or credit card is one of the optimal and most pragmatic approaches for Nigerians to conduct online payments. 

It becomes inconvenient when deciding to pay for services on prominent international platforms, like Spotify, Amazon, Facebook, Apple Music, Google, Netflix, Shopify, Alibaba, Fashion Nova, and others, as Nigerian debit or credit cards are consistently declined. 

The reason is either these foreign websites don’t accept your card, or Nigerian banks have imposed daily and monthly limits of $20 and $100 on foreign transactions, respectively.

What a heck 😩

Therefore, acquiring the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria emerges as the ultimate solution to these challenges. 

These virtual dollar cards are electronic, not physical like traditional debit or credit cards, and are exclusively designed for online transactions on mobile devices.

They prove ideal for internet purchases, containing standard card information such as card number, expiration date, card name, and the three-digit CVV code.

Funding these virtual cards in dollars is achieved by transferring naira from your debit card or account to the virtual card account. 

Personally, I utilize them for various online purchases related to my website design services, software, plugins, mockups, and more. 

However, it’s essential to note that these virtual cards can encounter issues, as experienced when they unexpectedly stopped working.

A few days later, fintech companies like Barter by Flutterwave, Eversend, Payday, GetEquity, Busha, Vesti, and others announced the suspension of their virtual dollar card services,.. 

This development caused difficulties for Nigerians relying on these platforms for international payments, especially with the imposed $20 daily cap on overseas purchases.

If you, like me a few weeks ago, were praying for a functional virtual card in Nigeria, worry not. 


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I’m generous enough to share my remarkable findings with you today about the best working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria 2024.

This is what you’ll learn today 

  • Best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria 
  • Barter by Flutterwave alternative 
  • Virtual cards for online payment in Nigeria 
  • Cheapest virtual dollar card in Nigeria
  • How do I get a USD virtual card in Nigeria?
  • Does Kuda Have a Virtual Dollar Card?
  • What is PST virtual card
  • Etc. 

So let’s get started 


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Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

Chipper Cash stands out as one of Nigeria’s top choices for the “best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.” 

Addressing the challenges faced during online transactions, the company recently introduced its virtual dollar card in 2024.

This user-friendly and cost-free mobile application is readily available for download, providing a convenient platform for transferring, requesting, and receiving money domestically and internationally.

By creating an account, users gain access to an account number, shaping the functionality of the virtual dollar card. 

This enables seamless money transfers to and from Nigeria, making transactions straightforward and cost-effective, especially when compared to alternative conversion rates.

To open an account with Chipper Cash and obtain a virtual dollar card, the following are required:

  • Phone, 
  • Valid email address, 
  • Phone number,
  • and your Bank Verification Number (BVN)


How To Get Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

To acquire the most reliable virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, start by downloading the ChipperCash app from either the App Store or Google Play store. 

Register using your phone number or email, and receive a code for authentication via either method to confirm your account. 

Input your details and any necessary information. 

Subsequently, generate a unique username for added security. 

Select your nation’s currency as the default for transactions. 

Complete the process by entering the transactional security code, and your new account will be established shortly. 

To get activate your Chippercash virtual card, you need to fund your account first

  • On your dashboard, click on “Add Cash
  • You will be shown a Nigerian bank account generated for you alone
  • Pay at least #3000 into your Chippercash bank account details 

New Update: Claim an extra #600 when you enter this code “DTEU3” 


Steps on the Chippercash App to Claim #600 for Free 

Click on the “EARN” button 

👉 Enter Referral Code 

👉 Paste “DTEU3” 

👉 Click Enter… 

and that’s it. 


After you must have funded a good amount of money on your Chippercash account 

  • Tap “Card” on the Chipper app, then Claim your Card 
  • Complete your verification to activate your Chippercash card.
  • Claim your virtual card by clicking on it and entering your login details.
  • Your Chipper Cash virtual dollar card is ready to use when you click proceed.


Has Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment?

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section



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2. VIRTUAL DOLLAR CARDS in Nigeria Dollar Cards in Nigeria, formerly known as Aboki Africa, emerged as a leading fintech entity with a primary focus on providing the finest virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. 

The company was established to cater to the needs of Africans seeking to open foreign bank accounts, facilitating seamless online money transfers globally.

Dedicated to simplifying the lives of remote professionals and digital nomads, Grey strives to enhance both personal and professional experiences. 

Responding to numerous requests from its user base, Grey has officially unveiled the cutting-edge Grey Virtual Cards, establishing itself as a hub for working virtual dollars cards in Nigeria.


This innovative solution empowers customers to effortlessly engage in online transactions, including shopping, streaming, subscribing, and making payments worldwide. 

Additionally, through your account, you can freely send and receive dollars in Nigeria, further solidifying Grey’s commitment to providing the best virtual dollar cards in the country.


How Does the Grey Virtual Card Work?

The Grey virtual card is a digital USD Mastercard that enables you to pay for things online straight from your USD balance.

(use Promo code – QRMVPZ

  • Then simply top up in your local currency and swap it to the USD equivalent – which will be automatically stored in your USD balance.



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Load your card with ease and conduct purchases in any currency of your choice. 

Moreover, leverage the flexibility of online usability at any Mastercard-accepting platform.

In times of transactions, just like a physical card, you will receive essential details such as your card number, expiration date, and CVV. 

This empowers you to seamlessly pay for diverse services, from online courses and HBO streaming to flights, Shopify store expenses, and shopping sprees at ASOS, Zara, and more.

Experience the convenience of the Grey Virtual Card without encountering any issues. 

In instances of card misplacement or the need to establish spending limits, take advantage of the ability to temporarily freeze and unfreeze your card.


For those earning dollars in Nigeria through a Grey account, the opportunity extends to claim a Dollar, Euro, and Pound bank account respectively. 

With acquired digital skills in Nigeria, you can engage with international clients, providing services and receiving payments in dollars – unlocking new possibilities for your professional endeavors.


How to Create Your Grey Virtual Card in Nigeria

  • Register or Create a Grey Account (use Promo code – QRMVPZ
  • Log in to your Grey app
  • Tap on virtual cards
  • Under this section, tap on “create card”
  • Follow the subsequent steps and get your card


It’s that simple to enjoy the new payment experience on Grey? 

After creating a Grey account, don’t forget to download the mobile app on Playstore or App Store to get the best experience with


Has Grey’s Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment? 

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section



Geegpay, a Raenest-owned product and a prominent player in the digital finance platform catering to the Gig economy, provides the finest virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. 

These working virtual dollar cards empower users to seamlessly shop and make online payments across a vast array of websites, all while avoiding excessive bank fees.

You need the following in order to register with Geegpay:

  • Add any of your additional bank accounts.
  • Any of these documents could be used as proof of address: – Driver’s license, International passport, National Identity card, or Voter’s card.


Has Geepay’s Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the moment? 

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section


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Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

Gomoney stands out as one of the top digital banks in Nigeria, offering the finest virtual dollar cards in the country. 

Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Gomoney has established itself as a reliable digital bank that caters to the needs of Nigerians through its innovative online banking system. 

Seamlessly combining the simplicity and convenience of traditional digital banks, Gomoney ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions for its users.

The platform supports peer-to-peer transactions and various third-party services, providing users with a convenient and stress-free banking experience. 

Obtaining working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria has never been easier with Gomoney. 

All it takes is creating a Gomoney account and advancing to level 2 or tier (the platform features 3 tiers).

With Gomoney’s Virtual Dollar Cards, users can effortlessly shop online in Nigeria and globally. 

This feature allows for successful online transactions and purchases using dollars.. 

The cash limit of your account is determined by the tier level you achieve, making Gomoney an ideal choice for those seeking reliable and efficient digital banking services in Nigeria.

Steps to Obtain a Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card

You need the following to open an account first: 

MTN SME cost in Nigeria


  • Full name, 
  • Email address, 
  • Contact information, 
  • Address,
  • Phone number, 
  • Utility bill with your current home address,
  • Your valid means of identification is a government-issued, and your Taxpayer identification number or social security number.



  • Access your Google Play or PlayStore and download the Gomoney app.
  • Submit the needed information, including your phone number, in full.
  • Enter and validate the OTP or verification code that was emailed to you.
  • Enter the confirmation code issued to you to confirm you own your BVN.
  • Wait for the platform to confirm your account. It takes some time. 
  • Add a form of identification and move up to the next tier, or level 2, to activate your Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card.

That’s it…


Has Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment? 

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section



Bitmama, a rapidly growing and highly secure cryptocurrency network, is the proud proprietor of Changera

This versatile platform allows you to seamlessly send and receive money internationally, buy airtime or data for your friends and family, and conveniently settle utility bills for your loved ones from anywhere.

To register on Changera, you’ll require the following:

  • Biodata.
  • National Identification Number (NIN).
  • Any of the following documents could serve as proof of residency: a driver’s license, a passport from another country, a national identity card, or a voter card.


Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment?

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section



Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

Fundall stands out as one of Nigeria’s premier online banking systems, offering a diverse array of financial services to its clients. 

Services such as savings, loans, traditional bank accounts, and, notably, the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria are part of its comprehensive offerings.

A distinguishing feature of Fundall is its facilitation of convenient and unrestrained purchases on international platforms, granting customers the freedom to transact globally. 

The Fundall virtual dollar card, recognized as one of the top working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, ensures seamless transactions worldwide, without incurring any additional fees.


What sets Fundall apart is its commitment to accessibility. 

With a mere $5 minimum deposit, users can enjoy the benefits of the Fundall virtual dollar card at no cost. 

Moreover, users have the flexibility to create multiple cards for their preferred international platforms

Whether you require a virtual card for Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Apple Music, or any other services,. 

Fundall guarantees a secure and user-friendly experience for online purchases. 

Virtual dollar cards offered by Fundall eliminate the stress associated with traditional cards and provide an extra layer of security by mitigating the risk of theft, setting them apart from their physical counterparts.


Steps to Obtain a Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

  • Using your mobile phone, access the Google Play or App Store to download the Fundall app.
  • Register and create an account by providing the necessary details.
  • Use the given OTP number sent to you to confirm your account. (Your account will be up and running in a few seconds
  • Fund your account and click on the “Create Card” button. 
  • When you choose “new card,” the “Virtual Dollar Card” option will appear.
  • Once you click on the virtual US dollar card, your card will be available shortly.


Has Fundall Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment?

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ALAT Virtual Dollar Card, managed by Wema Bank, represents an innovative online banking solution designed to offer traditional banking services in Nigeria. 

Established to cater to the diverse needs of its clients, it operates within the country and delivers a suite of services, including savings, a physical debit card, loans, a bank account, and the sought-after ALAT virtual dollar card.

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Renowned as one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, ALAT’s digital platform extends a comprehensive range of banking services, encompassing loans, bank accounts, savings, and online payments in dollars. 

The ALAT virtual dollar card empowers users to leverage its app for seamless transactions on global websites such as Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Google, and more.

Facilitating financial flexibility, users can deposit funds from their naira accounts, with a cap of up to $20,000 once the account verification process is successfully completed. 

Notably, the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card ensures a two-way currency conversion, allowing users to convert their dollars back into naira when needed. 

This feature enhances the versatility and convenience of the virtual card, making it a reliable choice for users seeking working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.


Steps to Obtain An ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

  • Enter the necessary data and a strong password to open an account.
  • Enter the verification code that was emailed to you, then fill out your account information.
  • Wait a few minutes for your account to be created.
  • Go to the dashboard and select “Card” to obtain your ALAT Virtual Dollar Cards.
  • Choose “ALAT Virtual Dollar Card” and enter your PIN or password.
  • The final step is to click on the Dollar Card and generate a new virtual Dollar Card.
  • Input the necessary information as directed, then wait for it to be completed.
  • Your card will be up and running in a matter of minutes.


Has ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment?

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section



Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

One of the premier digital banking systems in Nigeria is Mint Digital Bank, a creation of the Microfinance Bank (MFB). 

Dedicated to simplifying banking transactions and offering the comprehensive services of a traditional bank, including investments, savings, and loans, Mint Digital Bank has evolved and rebranded as Mintyn Bank.


Furthermore, Mintyn Bank’s Virtual Dollar Card stands out as one of the “best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria” and is recognized as one of the most “working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.” 

Accessible through leading banking platforms in the country, this virtual dollar card empowers customers to conduct global transactions. 

It facilitates seamless money transfers and receipts, making it particularly advantageous for those engaged in online income generation in Nigeria.


Moreover, the Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card opens doors for international purchases, enabling users to conveniently buy products and services worldwide. 

Whether you’re involved in making money online in Nigeria or wish to swiftly settle payments on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Netflix, WordPress, Facebook, Apple Music, and more,.. 

Mintyn’s Virtual Dollar Card proves to be an efficient and versatile financial tool.


How to Create a Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

  • Fill out the appropriate information required to register and create an account.
  • Choose a password.
  • Put the verification code that was issued to your cell phone number into your account to confirm it.
  • Select “Create a card” from the homepage.
  • Then select Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Your card will be prepared in a few minutes if you follow the instructions and provide your information.
  • Fund your account to activate your Minty Virtual card.


Has Minty Virtual Dollar Card Stopped Working at the Moment?

Kindly tell us your experience in the comment section


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Best Dollar Cards in Nigeria

At the time of releasing this information, the following virtual cards have been verified as no longer operational in Nigeria.

10. Barter by Flutterwave Virtual Dollar Cards

The Flutterwave developed Barter app stands out as the top choice for virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, offering the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. 

It facilitates instant money transfers and serves as a digital wallet that can be funded through your bank account, credit card, or mobile money account. 

This versatile app not only allows international money transfers but also empowers users to create working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, providing a seamless payment experience on numerous online platforms.

However, it’s important to note that the Barter virtual card does not support transactions on websites offering betting, trading, or online money transfer services. 

To obtain this efficient virtual card, a minimum account balance of $5 is required, and each card incurs a $2 cost along with a $1 monthly fee. 

Users have the flexibility to load their virtual cards with amounts ranging up to $10,000, making it a practical choice for various financial needs.


11. Wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Cards

Wallets Africa, a Nigerian startup, offers a digital wallet solution featuring both virtual and physical Naira and Dollar Visa cards issued by UBA, positioning itself as one of the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria. 

This innovative service caters to the needs of users, providing convenience, especially for those on the move, as it facilitates online purchases in US dollars without limitations.

However, it’s important to note that the Wallets Africa Virtual card comes with associated costs. 

To access its benefits, users are required to pay a monthly fee of $1, a foreign transaction fee of $0.75, and a loading fee of 2%, making it one of the working virtual dollars cards in Nigeria with transparent and straightforward pricing.

To get Wallets Africa’s Magic visa cards, you need to fill in the following

  • Bio-data.
  • Bank Verification Number.
  • Means of identification: International passport, National Identification document, Driver’s license, or Voter’s card.


12. Eversend Virtual Dollar Cards

Eversend, an African company headquartered in Uganda, offers Nigerians the opportunity to establish a multi-currency account. 

This platform stands out as one of the best virtual dollar cards providers in Nigeria, allowing users to make payments to their accounts through credit or debit cards. 

Subsequently, users can easily generate a virtual dollar debit card, providing the convenience of making online purchases virtually anywhere.


To acquire this efficient financial tool, there is a nominal $1 creation fee for the card, accompanied by a monthly charge of $1. 

Additionally, users should be aware of a 2% exchange rate surcharge when utilizing the card for purchases, solidifying its position as one of the working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria with transparent fee structures.


13. Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Cards

Bitsika, a mobile application, facilitates seamless money transfers in both naira and other currencies such as cedis, CFA francs, and various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. 

This versatile app operates not only in Nigeria but also in several French-speaking African nations, establishing itself as one of the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria.

Subsequently, users can leverage the Bitsika virtual Visa debit card, making it one of the working virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. 

This card empowers users to conduct online purchases with ease. 

However, it’s essential to be mindful of the associated fees, as there is a substantial 8% fee when using the Bitsika virtual Visa debit card for transactions, showcasing its capabilities alongside other best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.


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Does Kuda Have a Virtual Dollar Card? 

We understand your affinity for Kuda and its fintech offerings, and we share the aspiration of introducing a Kuda virtual dollar card in Nigeria to enhance your financial experience. 

Devoted Kuda users are well aware of the simplicity and cost-free process involved in generating a Kuda virtual card directly through the Kuda app, showcasing Kuda’s commitment to providing convenient financial solutions.

As emphasized by Kuda, each user is entitled to possess one virtual card, and it is imperative not to delete it, as creating another one won’t be possible. 

However, it’s crucial to note that, regrettably, the Kuda virtual card is not denominated in dollars, limiting its capability to execute transactions in the dollar currency. 


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Anticipate the emergence of additional virtual dollar card technologies, driven by the escalating demand for online purchases on international websites, especially in the face of persisting limitations imposed by traditional banking structures. 

Engaging in transactions on international shopping platforms that accept payments in dollars or other foreign currencies can often prove intricate and tiresome, with potential obstacles such as blocked credit cards or failed payment gateways.


The utilization of Nigerian credit or debit cards is often pinpointed as a contributing factor, attributed to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) restrictions, imposing a daily limit of $20 and a monthly cap of $100 on these cards. 

In contrast, the mentioned lineup of virtual dollar cards provides a seamless solution, facilitating smooth transactions and alleviating online purchase restrictions. 

These virtual dollar cards are recognized as the best and most active cards in Nigeria,..

Presenting users with a reliable means to navigate the complexities associated with international online transactions.


It’s important to highlight that this article is entirely unsponsored, and the active virtual card suppliers in Nigeria were independently selected. 

There is no affiliation with any of these businesses, and readers are urged to exercise caution as the article assumes no responsibility for any losses that may occur through the utilization of these platforms. 

Rest assured, this narrative remains dynamic, with ongoing additions of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria being a part of this evolving storyline.


Active Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria 2024

Still on the hunt for reliable virtual dollar cards in Nigeria in 2024? 

Explore the option below… stands out as a provider of active virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, streamlining foreign currency transactions for individuals and businesses. offers one of the most cost-effective services in the country, furnishing users with a virtual Visa dollar card that remains functional in Nigeria. 

Securing a virtual dollar card in Nigeria is a breeze – just utilize one of the virtual dollar card apps provided by

Upon acquiring the app, effortlessly generate a virtual dollar card for seamless transactions within Nigeria and internationally.

A key benefit of employing virtual dollar cards in Nigeria is their acceptance by banks, granting individuals access to their foreign currency funds globally. extends virtual dollar card services compatible with some of Nigeria’s leading banks, ensuring users have constant access to their funds.

Beyond being among the top virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, simplifies the creation of virtual dollar cards with an uncomplicated and user-friendly process.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, obtaining a virtual dollar card and engaging in foreign currency transactions is a straightforward process with just a few clicks.

To kick start the process, visit the website, register for an account, and download the app.

After crafting your virtual dollar card, begin utilizing it for transactions, offering a seamless solution to manage your foreign currency funds.

So if you’re still in search of the optimal virtual dollar card in Nigeria, look no further than

With its economical virtual dollar card services, user-friendly apps, and a straightforward process for crafting virtual dollar cards,.. facilitates uncomplicated foreign currency transactions for individuals and businesses.


Well, click the link below to also read how to send and receive dollars in Nigeria For FREE with the full


At the end of this content, I believe you have gotten amazing answers to questions regarding this…

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  • virtual dollar card apps in Nigeria

  • banks with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

  • virtual dollar card that works in Nigeria


Please share your experience using these Nigerian virtual dollar cards by leaving a comment in the space provided below.


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