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6 Ways to Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria Now


Have you ever wondered how top freelancers find jobs and make money on Upwork in Nigeria very easily…

I can’t even recall how frequently I’ve seen or heard a lot of freelancers make comments like… 

“I would want to start freelancing, but it is tough to get hired and make money on Upwork!” 

Well, it is understandably not anyone’s fault

With so much competition out there, finding a job on Upwork is becoming increasingly difficult

BUT that does not imply that it cannot be done or you can’t get jobs easily and make money on Upwork in Nigeria. 


In this article today, we will unveil the tops secrets of experienced and expert upwork freelancers 

You will get answers to questions like this


Today, from experiments and experience did by Upwork experts… 

You will discover the most crucial Upwork advice and tips that will help you land freelance work very fast on Upwork 


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freelancing websites in Nigeria


Now that you ask, you undoubtedly want to know the secrets of successful freelancers on Upwork

Alright, below are methods and advice for finding customers on Upwork Or any other freelance marketplace for that matter… 


  1. Make Money On Upwork in Nigeria by Focusing on One Skill First

Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria

Do you know that, for you to successfully make money on Upwork in Nigeria? 

You need to keep focusing on one skill because that’s very relevant 


However, if you offer jobs like translation, content creation, proofreading, and virtual support 

All had one thing in common: they called for proficiency in English

If possible, you could definitely forego the other professions and concentrate even more on the content creation specialty


Finding high-paying jobs on Upwork is considerably simpler when you are an authority in a field and have reviews to back you up

Yes, there may be fewer career opportunities here… But in the long term, specialization will benefit you. 


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  1. Make Money On Upwork in Nigeria by Creating a Professional profile

Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria


Note that to increase your chances of making money on Upwork in Nigeria, 

You must have a flawless profile 

You shouldn’t rely only on talking about yourself and your abilities,


Additionally, your profile content must explain your experiences and how you can assist prospective clients or employers to find solutions to their issues

And by doing so, you will be seen as an Expert and increase your chance of making money on Upwork in Nigeria 


What Advantages Can Potential Clients Derive From Your Knowledge?

Knowing that you’re for them and that you’re trying to assist them to resolve their problems gives them a pleasant feeling

Additionally, Upwork now has the capability of building several profiles but it all depends on your various abilities only 



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If you have several other services to profile… Make a profile for each service respectively… 

You may also post a video where you can describe your qualifications or display examples of your work right on that video 

Go ahead if you believe you can create a polished and compelling video! 

It may be quite advantageous to you and helps to increase your credibility


Not everyone, though, feels comfortable in front of the camera… 

You should not attempt it if you don’t believe you can create a clip 

But if you can create a video clip about your profession, this will instantly inspire everyone to want to collaborate and work with you

Be sure to make your education, qualifications, and career experience outside of Upwork credible as well 

And yeah, you can definitely spruce up your résumé a bit

But be honest about your experience and abilities; it will be in your best interest

Every customer complains about it, and it may get you into a lot of problems if yours is fake and the truth gets out

Finally, building a professional profile is one of the top ways to make money on Upwork in Nigeria 


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  1. Make Money On Upwork in Nigeria by Been Modest 

Earn dollars in Nigeria

We all desire high-paying positions and cannot afford to labor for little wages

However, it is imperative that you first get great positive feedback and reviews on freelance marketplaces like Upwork


If you can’t show that you’re real and serious, no one will give you a big deal

You must start from modest before growing into high-paying jobs on Upwork 

Choose brief, low-paying employment where you are confident you can perform well and earn positive feedback 

Just get over it and do it, you will undoubtedly benefit in the long term


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  1. Make Money On Upwork in Nigeria by Submitting Proposals

Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria

This is not just submitting proposals, but submitting unique proposals


To succeed in Upwork as a Nigerian freelancer, you will have to submit tons of applications

However, never ever copy and paste regular proposals!


From the perspective of a client, this is a complete nightmare 

If I’m sure you are interested enough in a job offer, then you want to take time to compose a personalized message to your prospects 


You should do things like:

– Use the client’s name if it appears in the job offer!

Something like “Dear Tim,” “Hello Anna,” or similar expressions sounds so much nicer than “Hi there.” 


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– Also, you have to start by briefly restating the type of work the customer needs to be done… 

This demonstrates that you read and comprehended the assignment

You wouldn’t believe how many individuals blindly submit applications to any position without even reading the job description given to them


– Directly address how you may assist in achieving the task

– What prior experience do you have that is relevant to the position? 

– What skills and abilities can you employ to make a fantastic outcome? 


Make sure the proposal focuses on how you can assist the customer rather than a generic discussion of your qualifications and expertise

The focus should be “your solution on the task, not on you“! 

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– You can include files or links that display your portfolio if you have any… 

If you provide examples, make sure they are comparable to the client’s need and not just any examples


– Ask the client to check out your profile to see the positive feedback you received for previous projects 

If you have completed services similar to the job offer…

Then ask some questions if you have any concerning the assignment! 

That demonstrates your genuine interest and that you have given the task some thought


– Avoid asking about the pricing very soon,

You may additionally specify your method of operation, depending on the task, but keep it brief… 

No prospect wants to read through your proposal for 20 minutes

This proposal is intended to persuade the client to get in touch with you

Just keep this in mind… 


When the prospect is certain that you are worthy of their money and patience

They will firmly stick to you and then, Issues like payment and deadlines will be discussed… 


  1. Make Money On Upwork in Nigeria by Acting Quickly 

Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria

On Upwork, there are hundreds of (desperate) freelancers who just watch for new job postings to appear so they can apply right away


A prospect searching for a solution often receives an average of 20 fresh proposals within the first 2 – 3 hours of posting a position

That implies that you should put out proposals fairly quickly


You shouldn’t spend your time on positions that were listed weeks ago. 

Given that you are only able to send so many proposals per month.


It’s wise to consider how many proposals, interviews and hiring a post received.

But if you notice that someone else has already been hired, don’t let that demotivate you…

You can’t be sure

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It’s possible that the client might be dissatisfied with the hired individual’s performance

Perhaps the client will think so highly of your proposal that they’ll fit you in for a position. 

You should try it if you believe it could work for you


  1. Make Money On Upwork in Nigeria with Follow Ups

Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria

If you have sent a proposal, got in touch with a prospect, and then abruptly stop hearing from them


You may send them a follow-up letter asking if anything is unclear or if you can do anything further to help 

It will demonstrate your genuine interest in the position, 

Just make sure you don’t come off as being overly pushy.


You might also contact previous clients with follow-up emails, perhaps they need to complete a new task.

But you have to only send out one follow-up at a time. 

Don’t forget to keep it polite and businesslike once more.



Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria

Let’s say you have implemented our tips on ways to make money on Upwork in Nigeria… and you’ve landed a job on Upwork, right? 



Now give your all to produce a beautiful outcome from that your job

A satisfied customer may assign you additional work in the future and very importantly, will give you a positive review

And you do really need it… 


You might as well delete your account if you receive a few negative ratings 

No client would want to deal with anybody with negative reputation on Upwork. 



I’m quite sure you don’t want to continue working for $10 or low-payment jobs forever


Once you’ve received a few positive evaluations you may start to charge more and take on greater projects

You can specifically search for advanced positions that demand a greater degree of experience if you so want


The Upwork costs must constantly be kept in mind and considered 

You have to pay additional fees if you take on more temporary tasks


Fees decrease once you have made $500 from a single client from Upwork 

That should be your goal… 

If you are at a point where you can receive the bigger assignments… 

Go for it… 

Don’t spend all of your time applying for and working on little one-time tasks


Lastly, Choosing larger projects is a significant step to make money on Upwork in Nigeria 



In your quest to work and make money on Upwork in Nigeria, there are a few things you should avoid… 

And they are;

  • 1. Doing Free Work
  • 2. Poor Customers
  • 3. Take Too Much Time to Scale


SITES SIMILAR TO UPWORK – Sites for Freelancers

Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria


Upwork’s main strength is the extraordinary number of companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who support it globally.


The platform’s rising popularity had a self-amplifying effect in Nigeria, which is;

The more businesses posted their projects on Upwork… The more freelancers in Nigeria can show up and make money from Upwork

And also the simpler it is for businesses to locate qualified freelancers to handle their projects

… And more businesses will move their operations to freelance sites like Upwork


By the way, Upwork is a super great site for securing remote tasks and freelance jobs 

But there are other well-known sites similar to Upwork and perfect for freelancers 

We will list a few of them below.. 


  1. Sites Similar to Upwork – FIVERR 

freelancing websites in Nigeria

One of the most well-known independent marketplaces for freelancing in Nigeria is Fiverr

Where individuals and small companies may purchase or sell a good or service for as low as $5

Which is what gives the website its name 

The skills offered on Fiverr vary greatly, such as; Graphic design, content writing, digital marketing skills, web design, and other sought-after services


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  1. Sites Similar to Upwork – SOLIDGIGS 

Looking for sites similar to UPWORK to make money as a freelancer, why not check out SolidGigs

You should join SolidGigs if you feel like you spend far too much time on the internet looking through sites like Upwork and other Upwork rivals

Because SolidGigs isn’t a marketplace like Upwork

They don’t take a cut of the money you earn from clients


It’s a lead-generation platform that you can integrate into your existing freelance business in Nigeria

Instead with SolidGigs, you are given a personal gig hunter that searches through tens of thousands of job postings

And only ever delivers you the finest matches each workday

By doing this, you can save time, view the top 1% of available freelance positions, and spend more time working on projects you want


  1. Sites Similar to Upwork – Freelancer

Do you know that Freelancer is one of the biggest marketplace-style platforms in the world? 

Freelancer has 1800 categories and almost 32 million members worldwide. 

They have spent more than ten years on the market and have established themselves as a top freelance platform. 

As the preferred location for thousands of companies and independent contractors to work together on projects of all sizes


The vast selection of assignments available on this site is without a doubt the main advantage for freelancers

Businesses in turn, discover a wide variety of freelancers who can complete practically any task at a reasonable cost


  1. Sites Similar to Upwork – PEOPLEPERHOUR

Everything about PeoplePerHour is so intriguing, from how they merged what Upwork and Fiverr have to offer on a single platform

Freelancers may offer their skills as gigs, which are referred to as “hourlies” on PeoplePerHour

And employers can post jobs for which freelancers can apply.


  1. Sites Similar to Upwork – Hubstaff Talent 

Hubstaff Talent was just launched in 2013

In order to become one of the most powerful platforms among Upwork competitions

Its objective is to assist businesses of all sizes and individual employers in selecting qualified freelancers from a sizable pool or from all parts of the world. 

Typically, this site offers modest assignments that may be paid for either hourly or at a predetermined amount


Make Money on Upwork in Nigeria – CONCLUSION

freelancing websites in Nigeria

I sincerely hope that my pointers on using Upwork to locate jobs offers in Nigeria have been somewhat helpful to you

Remember that Upwork is only one among other platforms in which you may get clients if you are a freelancer in Nigeria 

Although this content is about how to make money on Upwork in Nigeria

Here are 18 Freelancing Websites in Nigeria that are excellent for beginners to start with and earn in dollars 

I am aware that it is challenging, regardless of the platform you choose.


However, it will undoubtedly get simpler if you are persistent and are able to attract your first few customers and positive reviews with your profile 

In essence, all of these platforms aim to do the same thing. 

However, some sites will be superior to Upwork, and others not so much

But it all depends on your particular demands


Give yourself permission to think about a variety of choices listed above

Sometimes you just have to test a few things until you find the one that works best for your particular circumstance!


Despite the fact that Upwork has many rivals we have assembled top freelance sites across all sectors

We really hope you find this list of websites similar to Upwork to be useful

Lastly, thanks for going through this article… and take action today to start making money on Upwork in Nigeria


Do you have a question, kindly type it in the comment section below 

We really appreciate your efforts and support. 


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