You are currently viewing DATAWAYAPP (Dataway Review 2023) – Earn N33,000 Weekly

DATAWAYAPP (Dataway Review 2023) – Earn N33,000 Weekly

I welcome you to this amazing Dataway Review, a platform brought to you by Dataway Nigeria and popularly known as Dataway Affiliate Program.


Are you looking for means to start making money online in Nigeria, l will show you exactly what you need to know about and how you can earn up to N100k + 100GB browsing data monthly. 

You’re lucky to have found the best review on Dataway Unlimited Data Platorm and Affiliate Program because, at the end of this article, I’ll be giving you access for FREEEEE to my all-time best-selling referral marketing PDF.


This eBook is going to teach you my badass strategies for making powerful side incomes promoting any kind of affiliate or refer-to-earn program like this.

As you know, this blog is designed to reveal legit ways and platforms to earn money online, if this is your first time here, I recommend you Join others receiving earning opportunities like this.

In this Dataway review, I have put together exactly everything you need to know about Dataway Affiliate Program.

Please read through carefully to assure that you won’t be needing another guide elsewhere! So let’s get into it… 

Note: has now moved to… You can now access dataway services on

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So what is this new earning and paying platform?


This time around you won’t be reading news, commenting to earn N2, and those data-sapping and boring stuff!


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Right here, we’re dealing with an earning opportunity that you probably will introduce to your loved ones and they be like “wtf” for real? 

We are dealing with free cash and free Data that you can also convert to money right on the Dataway platform or better still send data to any number you want and collect your money as easily as primary one.

That is to say, you can start selling data that you literally got for free. 

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Look at the image below – “Dataway Business is On“, and no doubt it’s only for the “action takers” 

Dataway Review

Dataway Review

image credit goes to their respective owners 


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Statistics and estimates from various sources suggest that the number of smartphone users in Nigeria is up to 40 million and the numbers are growing rapidly. 

We can’t deny the fact that some of us have 2 to 3 smartphones… and no one enjoys a smartphone without data for browsing and doing stuffs online… 

… so here came a statement from Dataway Nigeria.


“In this 21st century of the digital age, everyone needs mobile data to access the internet. 

As we have millions of people who use the internet daily, spend time on social media, and use productive apps and websites, the same way we have millions of users who consume a lot of internet data daily.

It has gotten to the point that most of us can’t do without internet data anymore. 

Since Data is life, and we all need it every day to do business, interact on social media, browse our favorite websites, watch videos, comedy skits, have fun, and while away time.

We decide to create a “Way to End your Data Worries”

Welcome to Dataway! 




Datawayapp Review

It is obvious that we have been subscribing for data on MTN monthly, grossing the company some millions over the years, but we hardly get rewarded by these telecom companies for once. 

Nevertheless, here comes a VTU company called “Dataway Nigeria” with mouth-watering offers that rewards its users for using virtual services on their platform.


DATAWAY is a data vending platform where you can get easy access to purchasing airtime and data subscriptions as well as pay other bills including electricity, cable TV, like DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscriptions, and other merchant products and services.


There are many virtual vending companies in Nigeria, but come on, that’s not what interests me, I have no business with that for God’s sake. 

I’m more interested in Dataway super earning opportunities which include cash of 50% referral commission + Free internet data and monthly rewards


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To be sincere, I haven’t come across this type of earning opportunity and that is why I’m so excited to share this with you too so you can benefit from this big time…

So here’s the full gist of how to get started… 



Note: You can now make a one-time payment of N2000 to subscribe on the Dataway platform.

You won’t have to renew your subscription to enjoy Dataway’s cheap packages and telecommunication services.

Dataway Review

When you subscribe on the Dataway platform with my referral link, you will be rewarded with 2000MB data;

You will now get full access to all Dataway’s services instantly and unlimitedly…

You will also get your own referral link to earn commissions as well…


I personally will be rewarded with #1000 and also 1Gb data and also compete better on Dataway’s referral contest > bold

So for you to help me go far in this contest; and for me, to help you enjoy cheap data packages from Dataway Plc.

Instead of activating your account for #2000, I will buy a coupon code for you to activate your account for just #1800.


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Note that I will purchase the coupon code from my dashboard still at #2000, but I am doing a N200 promo for now 😄


Secondly, I will send you “The Affiliate Crusher”

This is an ebook that shares secrets on how to market any affiliate programs and make massive commissions.

You will get it for free…


Thirdly, I have decided to add another amazing ebook – “The Winning Ticket to Building a Successful Business”

This ebook unveils all you need to know about growing and making a business to become very popular both online and offline in Nigeria.

This eBook is all you need if you have a business or you’re planning to start a business; You will also get it for free…

So it’s a win-win for both of us…


My funny promo started on 4th July 2023 and will expire immediately Dataway’s Affiliate Contest is over

All you have to do to enjoy my promo is to…

  1. Chat me on Whatsapp, by clicking on this link
  2. I will reply and send you my Dataway’s account number to transfer #1800
  3. Once you have made the transfer,, TEXT or CALL ME IMMEDIATELY through my Whatsapp line, to inform me of your transfer…
  4. I will respond immediately, if your transfer is confirmed, I will purchase the Dataway’s Coupon code from my dashboard and send it to you for immediate account activation.
  5. After you are done activating your account with the coupon code; Send me the email you used in registering.

I will confirm the email from my referral list, then I will send you the 2 eBooks to your email or Whatsapp line

  1. I will also send you a short video where I explained the first things you should do to quickly start enjoying the full benefit of joining Dataway Platform…

To start simple, Click Here to Chat me up on Whatsapp



Dataway POS in Nigeria

When you register and log in to Dataway Nigeria, you will get premium access to the following:

  • #1000 & 1GB for every person that registers through you…
  • + Access to a platform to convert your airtime back to money – straight to your bank account
  • + Access to a platform to print Recharge Cards for profitable business
  • + Access to a platform that helps you start a POS business anywhere you are with just N10,000
  • + Access to a platform to save money and earn interests
  • + Access to a platform to pay electricity/cable bills with discounts etc.
  • *Every Dataway’s data package works on all phones, tablets, systems, etc.

Here’s how to Register on Dataway and enjoy my bonuses



Continue Reading my Dataway Review if you’re yet to know how works…



Almost every average Nigerian spends more than 2GB monthly or even weekly on network subscription


Excuse me, let me digress for a minute!

Do you know earning $1 - $3 daily and consistently can go a long way to boost your income goals, especially for the fact that all you'll ever need is your smartphone..

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Dataway affiliate idea is so amazing because when you subscribe for internet data, you will get a data package for your usual subscription and also be eligible to earn Cash + Data from anyone who subscribes on the platform with your referral link. 

E choke?

Okay, let me break it down for you! 


… Imaging you subscribe for 2GB on the Dataway platform with N2000, you will receive 2GB data for the first month than 4GB on the 2nd month, 6GB on the 3rd Month, and so on… Also when you also refer other subscribers to patronize them, You also get N1000 from their subscription fee + 1GB extra data bonus (for EACH REFERRAL)

Hey, it doesn’t stop there – each time your referral renews their subscription, you will still get an extra 1GB – that is unlimited data just for you.

This has nothing to do with any type of investment, pyramid scheme, MLM or Ponzi scheme. 

This is a straightforward refer-to-earn platform with some unique and amazing offerings…


Now you might be asking… Why will you get just 2GB for ₦2000 subscription, when you can get better data packages elsewhere?

Remember that on your first-time subscription, as you get 2GB data with other earning opportunities, at the same time, your invitee (the person who referred you to Dataway) gets a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and a 1 GB data bonus for encouragement. 

MTN SME cost in Nigeria


And that is how Dataway wants to keep expanding its services. It is a win-win situation for the company, your invitee, and for you as well if new members register through you.

Yet, getting new members to register on Dataway with your referral link won’t be an issue because you will be getting “THE AFFILIATE CRUSHER” – A powerful eBook I promise to everyone who registers on Dataway affiliate platform using my Referral Link.

Below are full features and details of how the Dataway affiliate program works



DATAWAY REVIEW – All Features & Benefits (summarized)

  • MTN SME Data bundle is discounted with the lowest price. 500MB – ₦120, 1GB – ₦240 to 10GB for just ₦2,400.
  • VTU airtime and data subscription are also discounted on all networks between 2% to 4%
  • bill payment services including electricity and TV Cable subscription are discounted between 1 to 2% with zero service charge. 
  • You can be a vendor and resell to earn more profit. 
  • All these benefits are available to only our subscribers with an active monthly subscription and to renew is optional.
  • The monthly subscription fee comes with MTN SME data value from 2GB to 6GB with more rewards and the above benefits for just ₦2,000 only.
  • If you wish, you can also refer more subscribers to us and earn 50% commission = ₦1,000 + an extra 1GB data bonus per referral.
  • Referring is optional, but worth it as it can be a passive income
  • The registration or first-time fee is N2,000. which gives you 2GB of data on your dashboard that you can send to your phone immediately.
  • There is an affiliate system that is an amazing 50% referral commission (N1000 + extra 1GB per referral)  i.e 10 people equal N10,000 and 10GB of unlimited cash and data for you.
  • You also get 1GB extra data each time your referrals renew their subscription which is on monthly bases
  • Data bundles are valid for 30 days.
  • Access to convert your earned Data into money on the platform or send it to your number or any phone number you wish
  • Access to 4000MB data upon renewal for the second-month subscription (still on N2k renewal sub).
  • Access to 6000MB upon renewal for the third-month subscription and beyond. (still on N2k renewal sub.) 
  • Dataway also gives more rewards including more bonuses, giveaway cash, gadgets, and home appliances to active subscribers and promoters from time to time.


Dataway Affiliate Program – Pros & Cons


° No high risk is involved since you get a data package with your registration fee. 

° No withdrawal threshold involved – withdraw as low as N1000

° Fast payment without delay.

° Offer cheap internet data and discounts.

° Access to a group for quick support 

° It’s a great idea to start a low capital business in Nigeria 



° Data package on first-time subscription not attractive. 

° Only 3 unique ways to earn.

° Affiliation only on MTN for now


Click here to “Register on Dataway Affiliate Program” 



Dataway is owned by a joint venture of AMMG group and Unique Way Enterprise. A registered company under CAC BN – 3175683 with physical offices and even outlets across the country. 

Dataway payout commission upon withdrawal is between a few minutes to 24 hours. 



Dataway is a straightforward platform where you get value for your money instantly. 

At the same time, Dataway offers you an opportunity to earn with instant affiliate/referral commission paid to your bank account without delay. 

You can register and subscribe by paying online or using an e-pin. In addition, you can visit any of Dataway outlets near you to register offline.


– Subscription fee monthly is fixed at ₦2,000

– Subscribers earns ₦1,000 referral commission + 1GB data bonus when they refer more subscriber to Dataway

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– Subscribers will get an additional 1GB data bonus each time referrals renew their subscription 

– Dataway offers a top referral monthly cash bonus between 10k to 100k

– Dataway offers more juicy rewards for active monthly subscribers, including cash bonuses, gadgets, and home appliances giveaways.

– Dataway gives access to cheap purchase of data/airtime and reselling, including other bill payment services. And lots more!

– Dataway 1GB data bundle on MTN is sold at the rate of 300 naira only, and data bundles are valid for 30 days.


Copy and paste this text to register

Or  CLICK HERE to register in just 2 mins.




  1. Click Here to Register on Dataway, make sure my username “sideincomes” is showing up there in your referral tab.

Fill in your correct details:

Dataway Registration Payment Gateways

EPIN: You can make a payment to complete your subscription via online payment or ePIN.

If you are not comfortable using online payment, you can pay to their official bank account and get e-Pin to activate your account. 

Dataway official bank account:

Bank Name: Wema Bank

Account name: Unique Way Enterprise

Account number: 7810706040


Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account name: Unique Way Enterprise

Account number: 1210029960

Once you’ve paid to Dataway business account, please contact their support line with proof of payment to get your e-Pin. (support contact is 08105081414)


ONLINE PAYMENT: I highly recommend you choose online payments for your account to be activated immediately and you’ll be taken to your Dataway dashboard.

When you choose the online payment option, you will be redirected to Flutterwave to insert your card details to complete your payment. 

You can also make payment with a unique USSD code sent to your phone for online transfer, just click on “Change Payment Method” to explore other payment options to complete your registration automatically.

Datawayapp registration

Datawayapp registration

When all is done, send me an email to claim the PDF…

My email is [email protected]

Remember, The more time you waste, the more you reduce your chances of making money.

Also below is a short video showing the dashboard of Dataway and how it works:

Go Here to Register Now!!!



If you have questions message me via email or drop a comment below.

I’ll be sure to reply asap

Hold on! 

Am going to help you make even more money online just let me know when you’re done, I’ve got your back.



Dataway offers are “too good to be true” so it is normal to be a little bit skeptical, as wondering whether Dataway is a scam.


Dataway Nigeria is a registered Telecom website with a valid registration number under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with outlets increasingly opening in different parts of the country. affiliate program is super legit as once I completed registration, I introduce it to one of my friends who registered with my link immediately. 


From the video below, you will see my referral count from the Dataway dashboard (just 1 referral at that moment), you can also see my total data balance which is 3GB (my 2GB subscription +1GB bonus from referral)

Watch the time I click to send data to my phone, it took just 2 mins to receive 2000MB on my phone.

I also sent money to my bank account to see how fast it gets, since I recorded this video at night, I had to sleep, but I work up to see the alert on my small phone.




See What I got On Dataway In Less Than 3 days: N10,000 cash and 12Gig already, by God’s grace, I will never buy airtime or data on any other portal again than dataway, I will always be using dataway to subscribe, this is cool, I make money when I subscribe. – source:

This is one of the best income opportunities: When I joined this program three days ago, I just posted it on my Facebook, and to my shock, 10 people joined that same day, which gave me 10k guys, I have already invited all my family and relatives already, as at now I have up to 50k in my account, in fact, I have made up my mind to invite at least 3 people each day, this way, I will be making nothing less than 200k and more than 50 gig monthly. – Source

Datawayapp review

My friend, don’t let this earning opportunity pass you by!!!

Click here to get started


– Fill in your details, choose your method of payment and agree to the terms, and click subscribe, once you are subscribed, you will be given free 2 Gigabytes just for activating your account. Don’t miss this guy, join us today.

When all is done, just email me, I’ll send you my eBook guide to be getting consistent referrals every day to earn on any affiliate program like this.

Click here to Register Now




If you have referred someone to subscribe for the amazing features that Dataway offers, you will find your bonuses in cash and megabytes on your dashboard. 

To withdraw your earnings on Dataway, you have to first edit your profile by clicking on the icon on the top right of the screen (if you’re on a mobile device) 

On the profile page, first, upload your image with a size not higher than 5MB… Then submit your Name and bank account number, the system will automatically detect the correct bank account names.

Then click on save.

… Go back to the main dashboard to process your withdrawal.

From the withdrawal proof video above, you will see me making withdrawals live on the dataway platform.


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These are frequently asked questions in regards to Dataway affiliate programs 


How to register/subscribe and get started on Dataway?

Subscription is ₦2,000 monthly, you can subscribe and make payment online or purchase a subscription e-pin by making payment to the official account.

How long will it take to get data after purchase/request or subscription?

Delivery is almost instant after payment confirmation.

How can I check my data balance?

You can check your data balance using *461*4#

How much is the minimum commission withdrawal?

You can withdraw your referral commission from ₦1,000 and above

How long will it take to get credited to a bank account after withdrawal?

The payout process is almost instant. You will get credited within a few minutes to 24 hours depending on the transaction network.

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?

Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request any number you wish and it will be credited within a few minutes.

What if my subscription expires, can still buy airtime and data + other bill payment?

Yes. You can do other purchases and even refer other subscribers.

Are multiple accounts allowed?

Yes, anyone can register multiple accounts as they wish.

Can I register with a different network sim card?

Yes, that is not an issue at all.


Want to get started?

Click Here to Join Now 




✅ Dataway is not for only MTN users. If you don’t use MTN, you can resell your allocated data to MTN users like me. Otherwise, you can start using MTN. So far, MTN still offers the best services and more value with affordable data subscriptions.

✅ Dataway monthly subscription renewal is optional. But when you stay active and renew your subscription, you will keep getting value attached including discounted pricing while you boost your chances of getting more rewards.

✅ Even if you have no active subscription, you can still buy data and other products directly on the website or via their WhatsApp contact. 

✅ Dataway offers about 2% discount or more on airtime purchase and bill payment including the lowest pricing on MTN SME data between 500MB for just ₦150, and 1GB for just ₦250 to 10GB for just ₦2500 with 30 days validity




Here are Dataway offices, locations and outlets in Nigeria

Dataway Lagos Office/Outlet:
1 Ikota Villa, Lekki Phase 2, Lagos

Dataway FCT Abuja Office/Outlet:
Plot 153, Behind Japaro Hotel, Gwagwalada.

Dataway Osun State Office/Outlet:
Shop A, Ayan Shopping Complex Eleyele Junction, Lagere, Ile-Ife
19 Catholic Mission Road, Lagere, Ife Osun State.

Dataway Delta State Office/Outlet:
1) MMG Oghara Office, Oghara Express, Delta State.

2) 75, Jakpa Road, Effurun, Warri Delta State.

Dataway Rivers State Office/Outlet:
15D Diffiri Road, Ozuboko Abuloma Port Harcourt

Dataway Kwara State Office/Outlet:
No 40 Old Yidi Road, Oja Iya Junction Itakure Ilorin Kwara State

Dataway Katsina State Office/Outlet:
1). Unguwar Madabu Daura Katsina State.

2). Zango Road Daura Katsina State.

Dataway Ogun State Office/Outlet:
Oriokuta Ilogbo Otta Ogun State



Almost every average Nigerian spends more than 2GB monthly on network data subscriptions. 

Imagine if you can invite up to 10 people to Dataway daily, you earn 10k cash +10Gb data every day. 

With this plan, never will you spend money to buy data again as long as you keep promoting Dataway and getting more referrals.

This is a chance you will never get from telecom companies even when you have been actively subscribing to millions with them.

This only requires a few family members, classmates, friends on social media, and hidden strategies on my eBook to crush this BIG TIME! 


Remember, Dataway offers more rewards to subscribers with an active subscription for several months and also top monthly referral rewards including a cash bonus, more extra data, and free gadgets like mobile phones and laptops, electronics, and home appliances as an incentive.

HOLD BACK anything that will try to hold you back from being an early bird on this amazing earning opportunity. 


Will the Dataway platform last forever? well, that’s another topic for another day. Thanks for your time.


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Happy money making 😉



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