You are currently viewing EARN Dollars on VGC and Claim these 7 bonuses for FREE

EARN Dollars on VGC and Claim these 7 bonuses for FREE

It is either you found this article when you were searching for VGC Investment Review, or Virtual Global Cooperative Review online…

OR you heard that you can earn dollars on VGC, then you came online looking for how VGC works and all that…


Anyways, It’s official…

You’ve just discovered the original gist of a fast-growing and incredible platform for Africans interested in making a living earning dollars online.

By the end of this post, you will gain a clear understanding of how the VGC platform works, how to get started, and most importantly, my bonuses on ways to earn dollars on VGC and other platforms.

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Honestly, this is one of the best opportunities right now for earning dollars in Nigeria, Ghana, and anywhere else in the world.

As the results grow, they are getting more and more real and delicious…

But then…

Before you invest in VGC, fully known as “Virtual Global Cooperative” to earn dollars daily in Africa, here’s how it all started…




Earn dollars on VGC


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According to the purpose of this wealth platform, I seek legit ways and platforms that will help Africans to make money online especially in dollars.

To discover what works and what does not… I will have to do a lot of research… invest my time and money where necessary… get STRONG proves before recommending it.

Additionally, I needed to join some proactive business groups, attend webinars, and attend seminars to gain information that will prove valuable to my growing audience.

This is exactly how I learned about Virtual Global Cooperative.


I publish at least once a week…

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Today, we will be discussing about “How to earn dollars on VGC”

And of course, my investments on the VGC platform has yield profits with swift payouts.

More on that later…


VGC Investment Review – ABOUT VGC PLATFORM

According to the About Us page on the Virtual Global Cooperative website.

This is the summary of what the company is all about…


”Virtual Global Cooperative (VGC) welcomes a good number of vibrant entrepreneurs who are passionate about business and also desire financial elevations.

Members have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, collect loans and also promote their business by advertising their business on the platform.”

The investment part works in such a way that members can store crypto with Virtual Global Co-operative and they will be paid 25% monthly interest of initial deposit!

Every member’s interest begins accruing a day after an investment deposit is made.

Interests or profits can be withdrawn after 28 days of each month and all investment contract runs for a period of 12 months giving you 300% ROI annually.

The minimum amount of investment with VGC is $50 and the contract expires after 1 year.

Additionally, monthly withdrawals are made directly to investors’ wallets and are processed on working/business days.

Also, note that withdrawal limits and fees are subject to change.

Investors whose initial deposit starts from $1,000 automatically earn 2% legitimate interest of the companies profit annually as stakeholders.

For every person that signs up using your referral code or link and deposits $50 or more into their Virtual Global Co-operative Account, you will earn 7.5% of the amount invested.




I believe you’ve seen advertising for forex trading and cryptocurrency in your country, either via Google Ads, on-air advertising, or something similar.

VGC is simply a cryptocurrency company that trades daily with investors’ money and allows investors to withdraw 25% “as profit” of their invested capital each month.


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According to research, VGC (Virtual Global Cooperative) site was created on the 28 of April 2021, which is more than 6 months ago.

VGC’s website is hosted by Namecheap, an international domain registrar and hosting company.

With its navigations, services, and features clear and straightforward, the VGC platform is very easy to use and quickly accessible.

Over the past six months, smart entrepreneurs have generated over 25% returns on their investments through VGC on monthly basis.

If you know the benefits of making money in dollars right now and in the future

I recommend you take advantage of this investment opportunity.




It is important to mention this before we delve into the details of how virtual global cooperatives work …

If you want to make money or start any kind of business – both online or offline…

It is important to realize that no business is 100% guaranteed.

Even the life you’re living right now is not 100% guaranteed that you’ll wake up tomorrow…


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In your pursuit to make money online, there’s always a chance of failure, so it is advisable to invest wisely.

So have you been asking any of these questions…

  • Is VGC Investment Legit or Scam?
  • Does VGC pay for real?
  • Recent VGC payment proofs etc.


The truthful answer is –

Virtual Global Cooperative is very legit and paying quickly and I will give you some evidence if that is the motivation you need.

I belong to a premium Whatsapp group where we teach and share investment opportunities like this…

An individual in this same group deposited over $74,000, which equates to over 35 million in investment on the VGC platform, and is earning over 9 million monthly as profit from the company alone.

By the time he made his first month’s profits, I have registered but was yet to deposit or invest in my VGC account.

I had to activate my account asap and at the time of writing this review, I have withdrawn my profits on the first month and reinvested my profit in the 2nd month.

Here is a snippet of VGC Whatsapp Group – ever active with testimonies and opportunities.


… It is just amazing that the same money that would’ve been dormant in my bank account is now making me more money without working for it.

That’s the power of letting your money work for you and not working every time to earn money…

As said earlier…

VGC platform has 3 different services to render to all their members.

Let’s get more details on each service.

1. VGC INVESTMENT: VGC investment package gives you an opportunity to earn a 25% return on investment (ROI) for a period of 28 days.

In other words…

For every money you invested or deposited on VGC, divide the money by 4, the outcome is what you’ll earn “as profit” at the end of every month for 1 whole year.

Your profits are withdrawable, while your investment will remain on the platform to yield more interest every other month.

Once every month, you will be able to withdraw your profit instantly by sending the Bitcoin equivalent of your profit to any crypto address you provide

If you don’t wish to withdraw your profits but instead want to reinvest your profit.


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As seen on the dashboard, you can reinvest your VGC profits with just a “click of a button”

It’s as simple as that…

Virtual Global Cooperative investment also has an Affiliate Program for investors…

That means if you invite a new investor on the platform, you will automatically earn 7.5% of what your invitee invested.


More details on VGC Investments…

VGC is a crypto company so they only work with Cryptocurrencies (BCH)…

The minimum investment deposit is $50

You can become a stakeholder on the VGC platform and automatically earn 2% interest annually when your first investment starts from $1,000.

Active accounts on the VGC platform get 25% monthly interest on the initial deposit.

From the dashboard, you will see your interest accumulates a day after you made a deposit.

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You can withdraw your interest after 28 days of each month, while your capital (main deposit) stays to yield more interest.

Every investor’s contract gets terminated after 1 year, which gives you a total of 300% ROI annually.

That is 25% x 12 months = 300% ROI annually


Note: if you already have an active account, you can decide to increase your investment plan by adding another deposit.

This new deposit will add up to your current investment and thereby increase your profit.

To make VGC withdrawals: – Simply click on “withdraw profit” on the dashboard.

Withdrawals are made directly to investors’ crypto wallets on the platform and are processed on working/business days.

You are also allowed to add more than one receiving wallet for sending withdrawals.


2. VGC LOANS: VGC offers loans to businesses that are interested to lend in Cryptocurrency.

On the dashboard, you will be able to lend in crypto from VGC if you bring your collateral and with that, you can get approved under 48 hours.

Ensure you read VGC’s terms and conditions completely before you attempt to lend from the platform.


3. VGC ADVERTISEMENT: VGC offers members the opportunity to expand their business visibility by advertising their products and services.

With the platform fast growing in popularity, you can connect to prospects visiting the platform from every part of the world.

VGC Advertisement requirements
1. Your banner/image should be 5MB or less

2. Preferred Banner Dimension is 600X350

3. Then Choose your advert category

*Starting from $10, banner ads campaign run for a weekly,
1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc.




To register on VGC Investment, here are the short precise procedure



To sign up on the VGC platform, simply Visit VGC WEBSITE, fill in the required information and submit for registration.

Information to provide are basically

  • Your Name,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number and
  • password for your registration.
  • Choose “Business” as your profile category


Below is a VGC Registration video to explain better

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After submitting your details on VGC website, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

The next step is to activate your account by investing or depositing a minimum of $50 worth of BCH (BitcoinCash)

You can fund from the VGC website immediately after you have successfully login.



On your dashboard, click on the “Add Deposit” button

On the next page, input the amount you want to invest in USD (US dollars)… Eg. $50, $100, $200, $500


Then click on “Submit”, a Bitcoin address will be generated for your account to complete the transaction and activate your VGC investment plan.

Don’t know how to buy Bitcoin to fund your VGC Investment account, here is what to do

Buy Bitcoin to Fund VGC account with Remittano

Buy Bitcoin to Fund VGC account with LocalBitcoin

Buy Bitcoin to Fund VGC account with LocalBitcoin


You do still find it difficult to use any of the crypto exchange Platforms to activate your VGC account, simply contact me for assistance…

Once a minimum of $50 worth of Bitcoin cash had been sent to the crypto address generated for your account, your investment will become ACTIVE


NOTE; You’ll find my contact details at the END of this post in case you’ll need assistance activating your VGC investment plan.




Remember you don’t have to refer to earn dollars on VGC.

You can decide to invest, earn and withdraw 25% profit of your investment every 28 days without doing anything from your end.

VGC rewards are for investors who successfully refer or invite new members on the platform with their affiliate links.

VGC super active members are eligible to get the following rewards:

1. over 7.5% commission from each referral investment deposit.

2. Gets A SmartPhone for building a team of 200 entrepreneurs

3. Gets A Brand New Car for building a team of 1000 entrepreneurs

4. Get A House property for building a team of 2000 entrepreneurs


I don’t know about your passion for earning so much money online in this digital age.

If you’re living in Africa, I’m sorry to say this “The dollar currency and your local currency are not mate at all”

Look at the picture below, which is one piece of $100 dollar note and a heavy stack of NGN50,000 (Nigerian currency)

That is one note of $100 versus a hundred notes of N500.

Yet that piece of $100 is still worth more money in Naira because currently, 1 dollar is N620.

How can you earn over $260+ on the VGC platform alone?

I wrote an ebook on how to generate massive affiliate commissions by promoting and earning from affiliate platforms.

This ebook gives you a one-time high-value marketing blueprint to crush any program or platform that rewards you for recruiting new users.

You will find more details of this eBook below as it is one among 7 other bonuses I am giving out.

But why am I giving out as high as 7 valuable bonuses on this post?

The answer is simple…

So that you won’t find an excuse not to grab this opportunity Right Now,

Please note that these bonuses will only be valid for a short time… if you know me well, you already know I adhere to time constraints.





1. The Virtual Global Cooperative investment is for those who understand the value of making a living in dollars now and in the future.

Honestly, since I began studying dollars and the exchange rate, it has consistently increased.

In the event that the dollar falls accidentally today, it will go back up in a hurry.

Which results in many Africans are moving to countries with quality currencies to earn more money.

2. The Virtual Global Cooperative is designed for Africans who are aware of the importance of investing to earn returns instead of saving money in banks that yield no profit rather reduces due to bank charges.

What’s funny is that banks use your funds for investments, loan money out, and make massive profits, but you don’t get rewarded for your funding.

3. VGC is for people who are smart enough to make their money to do the work for them, which essentially means to use their money to make more of it.


Yes, Virtual Global Cooperative has a super active community of members promoting the brand online.

I am in a group where a lot of information about the VGC company is discussed; offline seminars and meetings are also arranged in these groups.

These groups comprise several business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors and it is strictly for active VGC members.



VGC INVESTMENT REVIEW – What is The Cost of Registration?

The minimum amount to activate the VGC investment account is $50.

This means you can invest $50, $100, $250 knowing that the higher the investment plan the better the (ROI) return of investment.


The VGC platform pays interest on the initial deposit of 25% monthly to active accounts.

On your dashboard, you will see that your interest starts accruing a day after the first day that you deposited.

The interest you earn can be withdrawn after 28 days of each month, while the capital (main deposit) remains to earn more interest.

Every investor’s contract gets terminated after 1 year which gives you a total of 300% ROI annually.

That is 25% x 12 months = 300% ROI annually




Watch the video below as I log into my account to explain how Virtual global cooperative works


VGC also known as Virtual Global Cooperative has existed for more than 6 months and it is not a scam.

I have already given you reasons why VGC investment is not a scam.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you wish to earn dollars on VGC



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VGC Investment Update 2023

Kindly disregard investing with VGC. The company hasn’t paid its member for months now… VGC or Virtual Global Cooperative IS NOT LEGIT


Images and Links on this site might be affiliated or sponsored. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend platforms I have personally vetted; Yet, please do your own due diligence before making a purchase. What’s right for us, may not be the perfect solution for you. It’s important to figure out what you want to achieve, this will make your actions far easier.

See Disclaimer and Terms of Service


Do you have any questions on how to earn dollars on VGC via investment,
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