You are currently viewing $2500 TRICKS: How YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars Monthly

$2500 TRICKS: How YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars Monthly


Have you heard of how YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars every month? 


Not just that… 

Are you aware that most Nigerian YouTubers are paid passively in dollars? 


There is a difference between passive income and active income 


One monetized YouTube video can keep paying you in dollars for the rest of your life 

Until that video is deleted or removed from your channel, which I’m sure you will never do! 


By the way,, for you to be right here today… 

I guess you’re looking forward to starting a successful YouTube channel that makes good money 

Or you already have a YouTube channel, and you’re looking for the best ways to monetize your channel

Or do you want to discover the same strategies used by YouTubers in Nigeria to earn in dollars every month


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Not to worry, we’ve got you… 


Both Pros and amateurs content creators in Nigeria want to earn in dollars for some reasons


They see YouTube as a venue for hosting videos that can be monetized to earn dollars


If you know your way around it, it’s a great method that you can adopt to earn in dollars too like other Youtubers right here in Nigeria. 

Anyway, you’ve come to the perfect site if you’ve ever wondered how to earn dollars off of YouTube in Nigeria for personal reasons.


In this context, we examined the potentially profitable topic of YouTube monetization in Nigeria, 

Including some advice and what to do if you encounter challenges. 



YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars

Your capacity to make money from your videos on YouTube channels has the same meaning as your YouTube monetization tactics. 


As a Nigerian YouTuber… 

You need 4,000 watch hours over the course of the last 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel in order to be eligible for YouTube’s monetization 

Later, we’ll go into more detail about the prerequisites.



If you’re a growing YouTuber in Nigeria,, 

Then you should start by abiding by these seven rules and guidelines used by Youtubers in Nigeria to earn dollars or if you wish to monetize your YouTube content.


  1. Create an AdSense Account: 

This rule should be completed first because it will be a crucial starting requirement for Youtubers in Nigeria that wish to earn in dollars. 

YouTube is one of the many channels that Google’s internal ad network (AdSense), is utilized to advertise and sell advertising space online. 


  1. Learn the requirements for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) 

The next step is to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program right here in Nigeria. 

Access to resources like merchandising and channel subscriptions are made possible via membership. 


Before YouTube even considers you for YPP membership in Nigeria, you must meet the following requirements: 


  • Show that you are abiding by YouTube’s monetization policies in Nigeria 


  • Over the previous 12 months, users must have seen your material for at least 4,000 hours.
  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel



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  • Have a linked AdSense account 
  • Be located in an area where the YPP is available 
  • Have no violations of the community guidelines on your channel 


  • Show that you are abiding by YouTube’s monetization policies in Nigeria 


  • A two-step verification on the Google account connected to your YouTube channel gives you an additional degree of protection.


  1. Enabling Monetization 

Once your application has been accepted, enter your YouTube Studio, choose “Enable Monetization,” and then follow the on-screen directions


  1. Observe the Monetization guidelines

There are a lot of restrictions to go by, and your channel will be watched to make sure you do so.

These guidelines include: 

  • Google AdSense regulations
  • YouTube Terms of Service, 
  • Community Rules, 
  • Copyright, 
  • and Money-Making Policies for YouTube


  1. Stay Within Copyright Laws by Licensing Your Background Music. 

Copyrights are a very important matter in the YouTube platform and they must be strictly avoided. 


Infringing copyright can make you lose your earnings and in the worst scenario, get your YouTube account banned. 


Let’s talk about more things you need to avoid to keep your YouTube channel healthy and monetizable 


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YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars

Successful YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars on YouTube by avoiding YouTube penalties 


Below is a list of four important things you must avoid as a Nigerian Youtuber if you wish to make good money on YouTube. 

Avoid these hazards or you will drive away potential advertisers on your YouTube channel 


Controversy and misleading or inaccurate remarks: Although we have the right to free expression, there are obligations. 

For instance, using deceptive, aggressive rhetoric to intentionally stir up controversy might result in a penalty. 


A lot of foul language: A few expletives won’t get you in trouble, but like with the movie rating system, excessive profanity will.


Misleading thumbnail previews: Your video could be reported for having unnecessarily misleading material, eg. Your video is about cleaning an assault rifle, but the thumbnail picture is a basket of cuddly kittens. 



Finally, broaden your horizons and take into account these other monetization strategies used by Youtubers to make money in dollars in Nigeria 


  1. Merchandising

They do promotions for companies and brands by using their branded items (e.g., t-shirts, face-cap, mugs, hoodies, keychains, etc.)


  1. Affiliate Marketing 

They join affiliate programs and earn commissions in dollars from referrals.

Have you ever seen a video on YouTube when the host gives you a link to visit a company’s website and tells you about buying their products and services? 

That is a program for affiliates. 

They are paid in dollars as a commission for each sale that goes through. 

Learn how affiliate marketing is done properly right here 



  1. Get Fan Support 

They get fan support by offering their viewers more features and exclusive benefits in exchange for their monetary support on websites like Patreon.


  1. YouTube Ads: 

With they have achieved 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 watch hours 

They apply for Google AdSense,, 


These advertisements show before or during a video, and they can customize where they appear by utilizing various YouTube ad types. 

YouTube will not show ads to popup on their videos and they earn in dollars for it 


  1. YouTube Premium: 

YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars

With YouTube Premium, their subscribers may download videos and access content without ad disturbances. 


MTN SME cost in Nigeria


Fortunately, this service still pays them in dollars for their videos since subscription income payments are dispersed to the video owners in the same way as Ad revenue payments are. 

The cost depends on how frequently Premium subscribers watch their videos on YouTube anyway… 


  1. Channel Membership: 

Nigerian YouTubers earn more dollars through a channel membership program 

This entails a monthly fee in return for special perks like exclusive videos, one-on-one live chats, and product discounts.


This strategy entails securing a company, especially those in top-tier countries, to sponsor their content in exchange for utilizing, demonstrating, or discussing their products or services in their video.


  1. Super Features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, and a big thank you:

These “super” features come in three forms, all of which appear in chat messages shown during youtube videos


There are dozens of supported merchant platforms available today, ready to help YouTubers to sell branded goods to fans in all countries 

For a modest cost, users may purchase these super features from the YouTuber before they can use them in the chat comment

And by so doing, they earn more dollars than YouTubers in Nigeria


  1. YouTube Shorts Fund: 

This $100 million fund is designated for Shorts creators, assuming they meet the requirements on YouTube 

For Nigeria YouTubers with good followings can earn also when they upload YouTube shots


  1. YouTube BrandConnect: 

This feature is accessible to Nigerian YouTubers living in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada

This connects brands with YouTube creators for content marketing campaigns and they are paid in dollars 



YouTubers in Nigeria Earn Dollars

Don’t give up if you’re rejected by the Youtube partner program (YPP) in Nigeria 

After 30 days, you can reapply for the Youtube partner program (YPP)


Fortunately, YouTube gives you the opportunity to make amends by informing you of the rules your channel violated

You will receive feedback on what needs to change and the appropriate time to make the adjustments in order to obtain the coveted YouTube partner program (YPP) membership as a Nigerian Youtuber 



  1. Mark Angel Comedy: 

One of Nigeria’s highest-paid YouTubers, Mark Angel Comedy

They work as a team and are dedicated to providing entertaining and instructive skits. 

They became a YouTube video producer on June 29, 2013, and they are popular and well-liked not just in Nigeria but in every part of the world 

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As of the time this article was written, Mark Angel Comedy has 307 films uploaded to their YouTube channel, more than 6.45M followers, and 1,414 038 823 (about 1.41 Trillion) views overall.

They are without a doubt the Nigerian Richest YouTubers with the biggest subscriptions and views


  1. Sisi Yemmie:

She is a Nigerian cooking and recipe YouTuber who also does occasional lifestyle videos. 

Sisi YemmieTv is the name of her channel, and as of November 12, 2011, she has been a YouTube video creator.

Sisi Yemmie had uploaded 689 videos overall as of the time this article was written, had 334,000 subscribers, and had around 35 million views.


Other Nigerian Youtubers earning dollars on YouTube monthly include – Dimma Umeh, Tomi Colour Pavilion, Flo Chinyere, and Tayo Aina who made “$100,000 in 1 year on YouTube” 



Is there a method I can surpass the prerequisite of 1,000 subscribers to earn?

No, you can’t surpass the prerequisite of 1,000 subscribers on YouTube

You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours worth of viewers over the last 12 months to enable YouTube ads


My YouTube partner program (YPP) keeps getting turned down. When can I apply again?

There is no cap. Keep trying, and Never give up!


So, how can I tell whether my YouTube channel is being monetized in Nigeria?

Once advertising is enabled in Nigeria, a monetization indicator in the form of a green money sign ($) will appear next to each video.


My videos have a commercialized indicator, but it’s a yellow rather than a green dollar sign. 

Although your video is monetized, a yellow dollar sign indicator indicates that it doesn’t adhere to all the requirements for advertising. 

As a result, some companies may opt-out, which will affect how you make money online in Nigeria 


But can I contest a dollar symbol in yellow?

Verify your material once again against Google’s requirements for advertiser-friendly content in Nigeria 

Yes, you can submit an appeal if your material complies with those requirements.



Some people in Nigeria have great careers that they have built by uploading their videos on YouTube. 

As this content has demonstrated, the top YouTubers in Nigeria earning in dollars earn quite respectable salaries. 

But it’s not simple money either. 


To make your channel commercially sustainable, you must invest a lot of time, effort, and money into developing it and growing a sizable and engaged community of subscribers. 

You must create videos regularly and promote them over time.

Now you have read the secret of how Top Nigerian Youtuber earn dollars every month on YouTube 

What’s NEXT 

Do you want to start a YouTube channel that will generate thousands of dollars passively every month?

Think about enrolling in an Advanced YouTube Creators Program

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To assist you in growing as a YouTuber or a Vlogger, we will continue to publish content that will help you become a successful Youtuber. 


Click here to discover more ways to grow your YouTube business, and most importantly earn dollars in Nigeria 


Thanks for being here, hope you enjoyed this content 

Do you know other ways Nigerian Youtubers earn dollars on YouTube? 

Let us know in the comment section below… 



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