You are currently viewing Top 18 Freelancing Websites in Nigeria (Earn $500 Per week)

Top 18 Freelancing Websites in Nigeria (Earn $500 Per week)


Are you a freelancer in Nigeria or were you just searching for freelancing websites in Nigeria? 

In this article, we unveiled HOT websites where Nigerian freelancers can join today and earn dollars as soon as possible. 


We all know that freelancing is one among several ways one can earn dollars in Nigeria 

As a matter of fact 

The advantages of working as a freelancer in Nigeria can include the ability to: 

  • Work from home, 
  • The freedom to choose your own working hours, 
  • Independence from office politics, 
  • Less stress,
  • The opportunity to spend more time with friends and family 
  • And most importantly earning dollars etc. 


Through the freelance websites, we listed, you accept a commission for a specific assignment you do and earn in dollars hourly or weekly.


Websites for freelance work in Nigeria are similar to the freelance marketplaces where you locate clients and be hired, 

By joining these freelance websites, you can earn and start counting in dollars right here in Nigeria.


However, if you don’t have permanent employment in Nigeria, you’ll be living the nomad lifestyle, switching between projects while always on the search for a new employer. 

Similar to an online ronin, a samurai wandering the virtual deserts without a master. 


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Well, don’t lose hope… 


Working for yourself is hardly easy

It has advantages, but it also has drawbacks and disadvantages. 

While some people can manage these situations successfully, others cannot. 


The difficulty of freelancing for you may be influenced by your personality, working style, and capacity for coping with unpredictability.

Whatever it may be… 

Sit tight… because right here… 

We will be dropping our manifesto tagged “Top freelancing websites in Nigeria that will pay you highly in dollars” 


This is the tidbits of what you will learn today


Let’s goo… ✈️



Below is the full list of the best freelancing websites,,…

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  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – UPWORK 

freelancing websites in Nigeria

Upwork is an American freelancing platform headquartered in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California.

The company was formed in 2013 as Elance-oDesk.


Upwork connects independent professionals with businesses and agencies around the globe, and also within Nigeria.

Upwork is one of the finest websites to hunt for freelance jobs of any kind in Nigeria. 

Everyone is welcome, and there is employment for everyone, including programmers, designers, authors, IT specialists, translators, lawyers, and financial advisors. 


You may simply create a profile, charge by the hour or establish a fixed price for each job, and receive ratings based on your performance, and earning highly in dollars is also based on your performance.


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  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – FREELANCER

Freelancer has a sizable fanbase and has been around since 2004. 

freelancing websites in Nigeria


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It is a platform where services in a variety of industries, including web design, writing, marketing, and data entry, among others, are outsourced to independent contractors in Nigeria to earn dollars.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – GURU

Guru is one of the best websites for freelancing in Nigeria, 


Its platform helps in finding and hiring freelancers online and getting work done fast in Nigeria and also helps freelancers to earn dollars.

Freelancers can also search for jobs for freelance work and get hired in Nigeria.

Guru has a sizable network that links businesses with independent contractors in top-tier countries like the United States

There is plenty of possibility for all sorts of freelancers in Nigeria, 

– from programmers and game developers to translators, engineers, and attorneys, “technical, creative, or business projects etc.”


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – iFREELANCE 

This is one of the best websites you must visit if you want to be a successful freelancer in Nigeria and earn dollars.


iFreelance’s revenue is $7 Million and its headquarters is in California,  United States. 


You Can EARN ₦6500 DAILY on THIS Website


Photography, videography, marketing, traditional art, writing, translation, architecture, engineering, graphic design, accounting, and administrative assistance are just a few of the many categories in the extremely broad freelance network known as iFreelance. 


Opening an account with iFreelance is simple and easy, and you can then seek for projects to join right away.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – FINDAWORKA

One of the top websites for freelancers to earn dollars in Nigeria is FindaWorka

There are hundreds of freelancers on it right here in Nigeria, and it was launched in 2016. 


As one of the top platforms for businesses to identify and hire freelancers and earn dollars. 

People from various backgrounds may be bonded with and collaborate with Web developers, graphic designers, and content developers are some of the in-demand freelancing talents. 


You may also find clients in Nigeria on FindaWorka if you wish to create a website or an app to earn dollars. 

The site makes use of an escrow system to make sure the dollars earned only go through when you are happy with the job.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – JOLANCER 

freelancing websites in Nigeria

One of the major marketplaces for Nigerian Freelancers to earn dollars is Jolancer launched in 2013. 

You may market your abilities in a wide range of sectors. 


To begin your freelancing business in Nigeria, all you need to do is register. 

You must locate a project you can accomplish after registering on the website. 

If you submit a bid for the project and the customer accepts it, you will be hired immediately.


The site lets you promote your writing projects, graphic design, web design, and social media marketing talents. 

If a hiring company is based in Nigeria, you can obtain a full-time position. 

Till the freelancer is finished, Jolancer retains a client’s funds. 


Jolancer provides payment to the freelancer in dollars if the client is satisfied with the service.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – 234WORK.COM is a freelance website used to earn dollars with several different employment categories. 


Clients can easily locate freelancers based in Nigeria that offer the services they need – be it a content writer or a logo designer, etc. 

All you need to do is visit the website and position as a great freelancer under your niche 


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – PEOPLE PER HOUR 

People Per Hour is one of the most common platforms for Nigerian Freelancers to earn dollars online

It was founded in 2007 and is usually comparable to Upwork but has some distinctive characteristics of its own. 

Particularly, People Per Hour frequently hosts competitions and contests for freelancers and permits them to advertise their skills by posting assignments and are paid in dollars hourly. 


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The ability of People Per Hour to link clients with nearby freelancers makes it an intriguing feature that may be used to identify local employers in Nigeria.

Creating a profile on people per hour in Nigeria is interesting, free, and easy,  search for employment, send out proposals, and film a little video showcasing your skills. 


Finding a customer, offering a high-quality service, and receiving feedback are all fairly simple processes with


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – TUTS PLUS JOBS 

For copywriters, editors, and designers as well as programmers, designers, and developers in Nigeria seeking to earn dollars, 

Tuts Plus Jobs is an excellent employment board for you. 

It offers you an easy-to-use design that enables you to identify and apply for jobs quickly in Nigeria that is most suited to your specific skill set.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – PROBLOGGER 

ProBlogger as the name implies is an established employment platform just for writers to get employed and earn dollars in Nigeria


Although there are many other kinds of writers accessible, ProBlogger will help you a lot if you’re willing to make money from blogging in Nigeria.


According to their podcast, the goal of  ProBlogger is to improve blogging

So since then, ProBlogger has been the home for bloggers both beginners and experts.

The steps you must take to develop a blog that generates income are laid out by ProBlogger.

Although ProBlogger won’t directly give you a writing job in Nigeria, it does have a free job board where you may look for one and offers useful writing suggestions.

It is not a closed platform, in contrast to other sites.


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  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – FREELANCE WRITING GIGS

freelancing websites in Nigeria

For all of you authors out there, here is another fantastic website for earning dollars in Nigeria. 

You may demonstrate your writing prowess and offer material to individuals ready to pay for your efforts by posting an advertisement, which will cost you about $10. 


Linking to your website, blog, and social media profiles can allow you to contribute to their blog and gain more visibility.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – SMASHING JOBS 

With numerous options for both full-time and freelance employment, this is a designer and programmer’s paradise for digitally skillful Nigerians.


The website is very easy to navigate and has a clear design that makes looking for online jobs quick and effective in Nigeria.

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  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – ODESK 

Simply said, oDesk is a cutting-edge network that links companies in Nigeria with remote freelancers. 

Aside from the cost-saving advantages of hiring hourly workers in Nigeria, – Companies like the chance oDesk offers to connect with talent across the world. 


Location no longer serves as a barrier for you to make money online in Nigeria

Freelancers may easily be paid for the job they do thanks to the oDesk time tracking application. 

Truly it is that simple to log in, work, and be paid. 


ODesk benefits both independent freelancers and home based businesses in Nigeria.

Create an account to browse the 75 distinct employment categories and the many offers that are available for each. 

With oDesk, there is no need for invoicing because your work is automatically logged, and you get paid in dollars weekly based on how much time you spend on various tasks. 


The key areas include marketing, design, software development, writing and translation, and web development.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – FIVERR 

freelancing websites in Nigeria

Fiverr is a global internet marketplace for independent contractors in the world, so it’s a great way to make money online in Nigeria


As the largest freelance platform, the goal of Fiverr is to alter how society functions. 

Businesses and freelancers offering digital marketing skills services in more than 500 categories may connect with Fiverr.


The platform of Fiverr links freelancers (sellers) with individuals or organizations seeking to hire (buyers).

According to its slogan, the mission is very clear: Sell your services starting at $5.

You are free to provide just about anything you can imagine, including writing and performing a poem, making do-it-yourself crafts, or commercial movies. 

Basic categories include music, programming, graphic design, video and animation, writing and translation, web marketing, and video and animation.


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  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – PITCH ME 

PitchMe enables businesses around the world to make informed recruiting decisions. 

Save time by letting our AI locate, evaluate, and narrow down your list of prospects.


An independent freelancer with some experience will feel completely at home on our website. 

You may pitch as many ideas as you like, and they can be about anything, including fashion, science, culture, etc. 

As Simple as that, If someone loves what you have to give, they can then pay you to write it.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – TEXT BROKER 

With the help of this website, creative writers in Nigeria now have a highly efficient method to be compensated or paid in dollars for what they do best. 


In order to be rated, you must first create a free account and pass a competency exam. 

If everything goes as planned, you can then finish creating your author profile and begin looking for writing jobs that are suitable for you.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – ART WANTED 

freelancing websites in Nigeria


Artwanted is the ideal platform for photographers and artists in Nigeria to build an online portfolio, receive comments, and sell their works as freelancers. 


You can also register for free, but you may upgrade to a premium membership for $5 per month to unlock a few useful extra features.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – 99DESIGNS 

The firm 99designs is situated in Melbourne, Australia, and it runs a freelancing network that links clients with graphic artists in Nigeria. 

The business was established in 2008, and Oakland, California serves as its American headquarters.


Over 281,579 designers from 192 different countries may interact with potential customers on this website and present their work. 

Clients provide information about their company as well as a general notion of the kind of logo he desires. 

The customer can then choose the best design from the submissions made by the designers. 


You are to search for design competitions, enter the ones you like, and put out your best effort to win. 

Your prestige will rise as you win more competitions, and new chances will present themselves.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – SIMPLY HIRED 

Simply Hired  is a huge, comprehensive website for job searching with a ton of alternatives

But it is an excellent method to seek some freelance work, especially if you are a writer, graphic designer, or web designer in Nigeria

It’s really simple to use, and you may rapidly browse through many current job openings in your sector.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria – TUTOR 

freelancing websites in Nigeria

You can work as an online tutor for military families, public schools, and families with children who are homeschooled, as the term implies. 


There are several disciplines and grade levels to pick from in Nigeria, 

So if you have a stronger grasp of a subject like math, English, or science, you can follow a few easy steps. 


Before you can begin working, you must complete an application, pass a subject exam, provide a writing sample, participate in a practice lesson to assess your teaching abilities, and pass a background check.


  1. Freelancing Websites in Nigeria –  AUTHENTIC JOBS is a well-designed and simple job board that enables you to apply for freelance work across a variety of industries and filter out areas in which you have no interest. 


The major emphasis is on web development, web design, application development, project management, and user interface design.


Update: Check out Legiit,, another stunning website for freelancers in Nigeria



You may work various freelance jobs in Nigeria, however, the competition might be fierce. 

Simply sign up for one of the Nigerian freelancing websites we have listed, offer your abilities on your profile, and you’re ready to go. 

Verify that you have the ability to finish a project. 

The customer may assign you extra work or recommend you to other clients if he is pleased with your job. 


It is best to produce high-caliber work if you want to raise your profile. 

In the meanwhile, be sure to focus on honing your talents.


Freelancers are their own bosses and handle their own projects so they have self-motivation skills to re-energize themselves while part-timers often need support and motivation from their co-workers.

I wish you success in your freelance work and hope you find this content to be helpful. 

Just keep looking and try to be patient. 


Best Approach: Join a training and Mentorship program on how to become a Highly Paid Freelancer.

All you need is your smartphone


More content about freelancing here 

Have fun, and Thanks.


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