You are currently viewing How A Virtual Assistant in Nigeria Earn Dollars ($6500 Secret)

How A Virtual Assistant in Nigeria Earn Dollars ($6500 Secret)


Have you considered learning how to work as a virtual assistant in Nigeria? 

Or perhaps you’re a working mother, a recent graduate without a job

Or you’re just seeking methods to make money in dollars in Nigeria.


Then working from home as a virtual assistant in Nigeria is the greatest method to enhance your income and earn money online.


In order to save the expense of hiring workers to do both secretarial and clerical duties,

A lot of company owners and professionals today turn to contracts with virtual assistants in Nigeria to make the work simpler and easier for them.


So, If you have any necessary talents, you may work as a virtual assistant in Nigeria. 

Whether it be digital or online expertise you are not constrained by location as a virtual assistant in Nigeria 

You can conveniently do business from the comfort of your home.


A computer and an internet connection are all you require to work as a virtual assistant


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Because of this development, there is now a need and many more prospects for virtual assistants in Nigeria, 

The main distinction here is that virtual assistants can work remotely by performing the same tasks as office assistants.

So if you have great skills, you can provide your services to busy people, businesses, or organizations from a distance and make money as a virtual assistant. 


Here are a few among many things you learn from today’s article 




A virtual assistant in Nigeria is someone who works remotely (online) to help others realize the objectives they have set for themselves and their company.


Virtual assistants are in great demand by online firms and entrepreneurs who need help but don’t want to engage full-time personnel in a specific area. 

Due to document sharing and fast internet services… It offers more flexibility with fewer fixed expenses. 


Furthermore, the capability of scaling up or down in accordance with the requirements of the business by having someone assist it remotely.

Simply put, when working as a virtual assistant in Nigeria, you will be required to carry out office and administrative tasks from anywhere.


Who is Eligible to Work as a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria?

Anyone may work as a virtual assistant, thanks to the thousands of available positions for them online 

Learning how to become a virtual assistant in Nigeria (also known as a VA) can be the ideal path for you if you want to work for yourself and build your own freedom.


How much are Virtual Assistants in Nigeria Paid?

Your hourly pay as a virtual assistant in Nigeria might range from $15 to $100 or more

Depending on your level of skill and the difficulty of the task at hand.


Consequently, a virtual assistant in Nigeria might earn an average of $4,126 per month with a sufficient number of clients.

That’s about N2.5 million on a monthly basis. 


COMMON Tasks Virtual Assistant in Nigeria Performs

Virtual Assistant in Nigeria


Anyone who can perform tasks from a distance qualifies as a virtual assistant in Nigeria. 

This suggests that you will regularly provide clients with services, whether as a self-employed person or a contractor, here in Nigeria 

This may entail but is not limited to; social media administration, book-keeping, content generation, and graphic design.


Every Virtual Assistant in Nigeria (VA) provides clients with a range of services. 


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So what do you excel at the most…

Consider it, and make sure your offerings are tailored to your abilities.

The greatest thing you can do as a novice is to specialize and provide individualized assistance to a certain class of business.


Additionally, by developing a reputation as an authority in your chosen field you increase your chances of eventually earning more money for each employment.


What Sorts of Services Can Virtual Assistants in Nigeria Offer?

You will be able to offer more than 100 services as a virtual assistant.

This implies that you have the flexibility to choose the service you can offer as a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria 

And that it will be simple for you to choose anything for which you have a strong love and are exceptionally skilled.

You must not copy other people. 

Choose what you want and give it all the care it needs.


A few of the services Virtual Assistants in Nigeria can provide are listed below:


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  • Bookkeeping

  • Copywriting

  • Programming

  • Researching

  • Transcription

  • Tutoring

  • Ghostwriting

  • Filing electronically

  • Computer publishing

  • Design for print

  • SEO Coaching

  • Facebook management

  • Speechmaking exercises

  • Making reservations

  • Audio, video, and image editing

  • Examining and answering business emails

  • Project administration.

  • The input of data Counseling

  • Etc. 

All these can be completed without the client or employee having to be present in the same physical space.


Having acquired a high and in-demand digital skill in Nigeria will help you earn much better as a virtual assistant 

As a virtual assistant, you may be paid hourly, weekly, or monthly.

It depends on the arrangement you and your company have made.


You shouldn’t have any problems as a virtual assistant in Nigeria paying your bills on time and even having some savings.

If you really want to understand how to work from home as a virtual assistant in Nigeria, keep reading.

Alternatively, if you are a present office assistant who wants the flexibility of working from home

We’re about to provide additional details right here, so stay tuned… 




Below are some tips on how to start and succeed as a virtual assistant in Nigeria and earn in dollars doing so.



We all acquire fresh knowledge on a daily basis if only you’d keep an open mind to learn how to succeed as a virtual assistant. 

There aren’t really any set standards for the education or credentials that a virtual assistant must possess.


All other things being equal, the educational requirements in Nigeria differ based on the demands of your employer and the duties that must be carried out as a result.

The best line of action is to contact a specialist in the virtual assistant field for guidance.



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In order to become a virtual assistant in Nigeria, no official qualification is truly required. 

But if you want to get the necessary abilities… you may need to enroll in a training program, here in Nigeria 


Online training courses are available for Virtual Assistants on a plethora of websites. 

Google can help you locate them, but be on the lookout for fake sites as well.

MTN SME cost in Nigeria



The following are some of the qualifications you genuinely need to possess to succeed as a virtual assistant:

  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Great keyboarding skills (at least 70 words per minute)
  • Good writing and Grammatical abilities
  • You should be familiar with programs like word processors, spreadsheets, email, and databases, among others.


After you have enrolled for a virtual assistant training course online, you have to be disciplined to study and complete the training 

Next is taking action to implement everything you learned from the training.. 



Best virtual assistant in Nigeria


It’s a simple fact that you can’t be involved with every service as a virtual assistant. 

Often, for this reason, you want to be specific about the services you want to provide in your position as a virtual assistant in Nigeria. 


Do you find yourself being more interested in simple tasks like reading and responding to emails than in more complex ones like bookkeeping?

Try to identify your greatest strengths, your areas of natural prowess, and the needs that many others have


A helpful strategy is to carefully review your professional background and focus on those individuals there 

By clearly defining your services and market niche… 

You’ll definitely receive more pertinent questions and jobs, as a result of your growing reputation as an expert in that field. 



You must verify and obtain the tools and resources to ensure that they are current and will fulfill the demands of your customers

Just like you would with any other job… 


The key to your success as a virtual assistant in Nigeria is having the tools and resources you need to do a great job. 

These tools and equipment include among others:

  • A laptop with an extremely fast internet connection
  • Printing device
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier and Fax
  • A functional mobile line
  • A completely distraction-free workspace at home.


Try to get to know your client as well, including where they live and how to get in touch with them. 


Here are some of the best websites to get clients as Virtual Assistants in Nigeria 

And other reputable freelance websites in Nigeria 

By joining these sites, you have the opportunity to start earning dollars in Nigeria as a virtual assistant 


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Prior to looking for clients and high-paying positions  

It is very advisable to genuinely settle all business-related legal and financial matters 

And finish all required documentation as a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria 

This may include getting all licenses that your state and the federal government demand. 



Social Media influencer in Nigeria


Since you’ll be working from home… 

The internet will continue to be your finest resource for client acquisition. 


You really need to build up your website so that people can locate you easily.

A website provides you with a more professional image and… 

The ability to display your expertise and an excellent opportunity to describe your services.


Having a website also aids in establishing your authority and builds your credibility 

Additionally, a professional website for a virtual assistant doesn’t require having a costly appearance.

Simply make sure it’s captivating and conversion-optimized since “simple is always better”.

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Last but not least is networking

Are you shocked that networking has been brought up here? 

That is, after all, the fact.


You should think about joining a professional group since it will improve your performance. 

Thanks to this… 

You will surely get a fantastic chance to collaborate with other industry leaders and experts


Additionally, you get to meet individuals and share information about your company, the services you offer, and the precise justifications for their need to get a virtual assistant in Nigeria. 

Although networking may not be simple at first, it becomes simpler as you go along.

Attend local chamber of commerce meetings and other events where you may network with possible clients and learn more about your industry.


Enrolling in online conferences is another great idea also to meet new people regardless of your location 

How is that possible? …. 

Of course, many online conferences also provide you the chance to chat with other participants.



Even if there are a vast number of websites used by virtual assistants in Nigeria 

It is obvious that all of them are not the same. 

Others are websites run by a specific company that helps you locate prospects that are a good fit for your business.

Some serve as typical job sites where you can post an advertisement and watch interesting clients indicate interest in your servicing.

Some of the most well-liked websites for virtual assistants are listed below:

  • Fancy Hands
  • Zirtual 
  • Boldly 
  • MyTasker 
  • Upwork 
  • Fiverr 
  • Magic
  • Etc. 


Okay, let’s get to know much about these websites for Virtual assistants in Nigeria 

UPWORK: Upwork is one of the most reliable and secure sites for remote work which is often endorsed by both contractors and recruiters

You may freely search for a Virtual Assistant or publish a job ad and receive offerings for a Virtual Assistant. 

One thing to bear in mind is that because Upwork takes 20% of the freelancers’ revenue, 

Your Virtual assistant’s pricing should be higher than on other platforms.


You may be asked to share files with your clients and have interviews through a video chat, to monitor the progress of your jobs using Upwork’s features. 

Additionally, the website allows you to receive payments in dollars and send them to your dollar bank account. 

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FIVERR: There are plenty of virtual assistants in Nigeria available on Fiverr.

freelancing websites in Nigeria


The majority of freelancers who promote their services on Fiverr website are skilled in a variety of duties, including: 

  • Data entry, 
  • Market research,
  • Customer support, and 
  • E-commerce development.


Fiverr is a safe platform that provides security for both contractors and the virtual assistants 

Fiverr gives you access to customer care around the clock in case of problems. 

You must learn the art of personal marketing on this site because there are many Virtual Assistants competing for jobs…


The distinctive structure of Fiverr distinguishes it from other Freelance websites in Nigeria 

Instead of employers publishing job listings and Virtual assistants in Nigeria applying for positions

Fiverr allows job searchers to market their abilities inform of banners called “gigs.” 


An employer, who needs a Virtual assistant will choose a skill set that best fits the requirements of his/her company 

And place an order to who is suitable for the job offer


FANCY HANDS: A devoted assistant that works with you for extended periods of time

And helps you finish bigger assignments that are available to you through the virtual assistant service Fancy Hands


These Virtual Assistants in Nigeria can perform one-time and recurring duties. 

There are no contracts and no minimum criteria, which can be advantageous and disadvantageous.


ZIRTUAL: Zirtual is a membership-based virtual assistant agency. 

Thus only the Virtual Assistant who successfully completes their stringent training and quality inspections are permitted to promote their services online. 

Every Virtual Assistant in Nigeria on the site has been pre-screened which almost guarantees the caliber of the job. 


BOLDLY: Boldly is an award-winning startup company that employs virtual assistants whose unique skill set is targeted at CEOs and business owners and who specialize in more technical jobs. 

The services provided includes;

  • Administration, 
  • Project management, 
  • Bookkeeping, and 
  • Executive support 


Working on “Boldly” clearly demands greater knowledge and skill. 

Because the Boldly platform is multilingual, you have the chance to interact and communicate with a wider audience.


MYTASKER: MyTasker is a virtual assistant agency whose members provide a variety of personal and professional tasks, such as

  • Content creation,
  • Internet marketing, and 
  • Website design and development. 

The agency’s virtual assistants have expertise in helping executives from big companies, as well as independent bloggers, entrepreneurs, and startups, achieve their professional goals.

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MAGIC: You can hire Virtual assistants in Nigeria from Magic for both one-time tasks or projects and ongoing services. 

Companies and business owners frequently visit Magic to outsource a variety of jobs, including;

  • Marketing, 
  • Customer service, and 
  • Office work.
  • Etc. 


Ready To Work As A Virtual Assistant In Nigeria?

Earn dollars in Nigeria


You already know that virtual assistance is one amongst other ways to earn dollars in Nigeria

Now you have seen what it requires to start and become a successful virtual assistant in Nigeria 

Never concede to those who think you can’t have it all:

  • A cozy existence
  • A skill that pays you in dollars 

You have flexible time to accomplish whatever you desire.

All you have to do is start working on yourself and have faith in yourself!



One of the finest moves you’ll ever make to establish a Virtual Assistant business in Nigeria is by working on your talents.

You really have no reasons not to start right away 

With the abundance of virtual assistant jobs in Nigeria.

The problem is frequently a lack of will rather than a lack of resources. 

You shouldn’t be one of the groups of individuals that let this fantastic chance pass them by.

It’s past time for you to quit whining about your lack of a job. 

Your constant whining won’t ever meet your wants or cover your expenditures. 

If I were you; what would I do? 

…I will take this opportunity without delay.

“Mentorship is definitely the ONLY shortcut to Success”


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Thanks for reading this post, if you have any questions or challenges…

Kindly let us know in the comment section below

We will be quick to reply to them, 


Thanks for reading thus far! 

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