You are currently viewing 15 Top Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products ($10,000 Per Month)

15 Top Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products ($10,000 Per Month)


If you were searching for the best websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital Products

That means you intend to sell digital products in Nigeria without using your own website.

Or possibly, you have a website to sell your products already, but you desire to increase the possibility of making more money by listing your products on multiple websites

Whatever your reasons – We’ve got you covered

That’s why right here… 

We’ll be examining and contrasting the top websites for Nigerians to sell digital products and earn in dollars from today 


Knowing what you want to sell and how you want to sell it is more important than just beginning a business.

Yes, Selling digital products in Nigeria is an excellent strategy to grow a side income flow.

But you don’t need to have a website before selling your digital products online in Nigeria


To sell your products in Nigeria through your own website it requires a dependable web hosting account that is safe and well-managed

You also need the technical ability to host your own version of a digital sellable site, also known as an e-commerce website 

Not to worry, If you don’t want to go into all that…


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Right here, you will discover Websites to Sell your Digital Products as a Nigerian creator 

With ease to launch your product as quickly as possible and sell your good to a foreign audiences who will pay you in dollars 



Let’s unveil the list of top online stores and websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products

websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products


Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – SELLFY 

The best website for beginners who want to sell downloads in Nigeria is sellfy

Sellfy offers you incredibly straightforward ways for selling digital products even as Nigerian.

As an eCommerce platform, it also provides you with quick and nimble solutions to boost sales and advertise items on social media in Nigeria 


More than 32,000 talented digital creators make use of Sellfy, and they’ve been selling their work and generating money for years while you haven’t!


The most popular item on Sellfy is design objects, which are among the 150,000+ unique items available for sale. 

Other popular digital items include sellable on Sellfy include:

– eBooks

-Comic books

-Video and 

-Audio material etc.. 


To have more control over design and brand exposure, you may connect it with your existing website.


With a 14-day free trial, Sellfy offers digital download sales starting at $19/month.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – PODIA 

The best time to launch your business in Nigeria is always now or at least earn dollars from your passion.

With Podia, you can jump-start your project in Nigeria without having to go through the time-consuming process of beginning from scratch.


Podia is a smart and simple platform that is perfect for webinars, downloads, subscriptions, and online courses.

Podia also offers a website builder, and email marketing features for easy follow-ups with  prospects



Podia is completely free to use when you first sign up.


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However, there are 8% transaction costs for each payment you receive with the free plan.

The regular plan without transaction costs includes all the features required to sell your online course or downloads but starts at $33 per month.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – SHOPIFY 

websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products

Shopify has grown to enable social commerce, eCommerce, and simple purchasing alternatives with one-click purchase buttons.

It is the pioneer of contemporary eCommerce and enables its users to build online stores for both tangible and intangible commodities.


The best thing is that you may utilize Shopify’s platform to its fullest extent by registering for a free trial and evaluating the outcomes for yourself.


A 14-day free trial is offered for Shopify.

The Basic plan starts at $29 per month, however extra payment processing costs will apply.

You can upgrade to a higher plan as your digital shop expands in order to reduce commission costs.



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  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – GUMROAD 

Gumroad is one of the top websites for Nigerians to Sell their Digital products


The simplicity, track record of security, and user-friendliness of this digital selling platform make it one of the most well-liked ones.

Simply put your online courses, books, games, movies, songs, and more on the Gumroad digital marketplace 

Decide on a price and allow sales to develop spontaneously.


With 9% transaction costs and an extra $0.3 for each transaction, you can get started for free.

As your sales increase, the fee for each transaction will decrease to like 2.9% + $0.3.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital Products – THINKIFIC

It makes no difference what business or specialty you are in right here in Nigeria 

With Thinkific, you can rapidly and with the least amount of work create online courses and products to sell and earn dollars in Nigeria 


Thinkific is an all-encompassing platform that handles everything.

You control and maintain everything from a single spot, starting with the creation of your first online course and ending with distribution and sales.

There is no reason why you wouldn’t want to join Thinkific, which is a robust platform that many online entrepreneurs in Nigeria are currently effectively using.

In order to maintain the excitement at an all-time high, you can even start for free.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – E-JUNKIE 

E-junkie has expanded significantly over the past ten years

It is well-liked by creative professionals who enjoy writing books, designing digital products like themes and other graphics, and those who want to market and sell digital downloadable products in Nigeria 

When a user completes a transaction and the platform confirms its legitimacy, the user can immediately download the purchased files.


E-junkie costs $5 per month to set up and sell up to 10 digital products

Then a $40/month unlimited package with no size limit or product restrictions available.



  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – TEACHABLE

Teachable is a great website for Nigerians to sell stuffs such as educational and knowledge-related digital products online.

It doesn’t matter what field of expertise in Nigeria you have


Everyone in Nigeria can use Teachable.

Students may join your platform and learn from you in Nigeria, 

However, you have the ability to manage all your courses so you’re free to get results precisely how you want them.


There is just a one-course listing available in the free plan, which costs $1 plus 10% of all purchases.

The entry-level package is $29 per month (paid annually) and includes unlimited course sales. 

Transaction fees are 5%.


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  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – SELAR 

websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products

You may sell any sort of digital goods or services to anybody or anywhere in the globe with Selar, an all-in-one e-commerce store builder.


Digital products you can sell in Selar include:

  • Content packs
  • ebooks
  • Designs
  • Bundles
  • Coaching
  • Consulting 
  • and more, without any hassle.


Selar is one of the platforms made for Africans to sell both digitally and in any format. 

Selar may also be used to sell actual goods like 

  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • And any type of service

You can host your courses and membership plans with an infinite number of students, videos, and files, unlimited storage, and content protection to guard against theft.

Get started with Selar right here 


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – PAYSTACK

websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products

Numerous businesses of all sizes rely on Paystack to expand their operations.

Paystack enables global companies to take payments from customers in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.


Paystack’s automatic and manual fraud detection tools guard you against erroneous transactions and the ensuing chargeback claims.


Many of Nigeria’s biggest businesses and Government institutions benefit from Paystack’s speedy and secure payment processing.


Notable investors and several of the world’s top payment providers support Paystack.

You can easily host your products on Paystack and integrate a structure that receives payment in dollars 


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – CLICKBANK 

This is the most effective channel for affiliate marketers earning dollars in Nigeria 

Among those who have been involved in internet marketing for the past few years, ClickBank is a well-known brand.


It is the most popular website for buying and selling digital goods, though Nigerians are not allowed on Clickbank 

We always have our methods of using the ClickBank affiliate network. 


Many of the products on ClickBank are all about teaching others how to use internet marketing in Nigeria to its full potential, lately going in-depth about things like email marketing, and organic promotion techniques.


$49.95 product initial listing fee followed by 7.5% + $1.00 per sale.

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  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – EXPERTNAIRE

Expertnaire is an online marketplace in Nigeria for digital items that are mostly knowledge-based.

And the majority claims that it is steadily becoming Nigeria’s largest marketplace for digital goods (books, tutorials, courses, etc.).

It serves as a platform for affiliate marketing in Nigeria 

In fact, many familiar with Nigerian affiliate marketing refer to it as the Clickbank of Nigeria.

Expertnaire is available 

for people in Nigeria who want to sell valuable digital products (such as e-books, videos, courses, and tutorials).

They are referred to as vendors.


The second group consists of Nigerians who want to make money by assisting Vendors in marketing their digital goods.

They are referred to as affiliates.


The third category consists of Nigerians who purchase these digital goods in order to advance their education and better their quality of life.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – PAYLOADZ 

This is best for individuals in Nigeria who want a free company start-up.


Over ten years have passed since PayLoadz first appeared.

There are about 600,000 vendors there, and there are over 3,500,000 products for sale 

You may quickly set up your own sales page with PayLoadz’s assistance.

This might be a picture, a proposed logo, an eBook, or a video game.


PayLoadz will then convert and inevitably assist you in generating sales with ease


PayLoadz has the benefit of understanding how the digital products market functions because of its extensive experience over the years.



There is no cap on how much you can make selling digital products on Payloads, however, there is a 30% transaction charge.

Regular pricing is $29, which includes limitless flexibility at no additional charge.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – STAKECUT 

websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products

The Best Way for you to Start an Online Business & Increase Online Sales in Nigeria is by using Stakecut.


You can sell your digital products on the Stakecut platform, and even allow the affiliates community to bring in sales for your products 


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – ENVATO’S THEME FOREST 

This is one of the best websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products like; templates and WordPress themes

Envato’s digital marketplace has generated millions of dollars in sales with over 5,000,000 unique products in Envato’s database enabling users to quickly build the ideas and dreams they have in their heads.


ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are well-known sites where you can buy digital art and digital codes


There is no initial setup price, but before selling any of your items, they must be authorized.


  1. Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products – SELZ 

Most suitable for Nigerians who want to sell digital products opening their first store online 


Selz is a stunning and sophisticated online marketplace for selling goods that work well with any website style.

With Selz, you can manage your clients, orders, and payment processing all in one location, as well as add a lovely store and “Buy” buttons to your website and social media accounts.


You can add up to five goods, with a 5% success fee levied on each sale.

The Professional plans are only $27 per month, excluding the credit card processing fee, and have no further expenses.


Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital Products – F. A. Q

websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital products

Here are some questions you might what to ask 

If you don’t find any answers related to your questions, kindly ask your question in the comment below


How can I start making sales of digital products in Nigeria?

  1. Discover a problem or need
  1. Create your digital product as a solution
  1. Create an online shop from the website listed above eg Selar
  1. Promote your downloadable or digital product.
  1. Get paid


What is the most effective website in Nigeria for selling digital products?

Your business determines the platform you will choose to list your digital products  


The greatest platform for new users in Nigeria is Selar, however as your ideas develop, you might want to look into Shopify.


What Digital Products are available for sale in Nigeria?

– Webinars and online classes

– E-books

– Templates for emails

– Sound files

– A Recipe 

– Stock Images

– Presets for Lightroom

– Video

– PDF documents

– Books on tape

– Computer programs

– Website components such as WordPress themes or layouts

– Printing

– Websites for members

– Textbooks

– PowerPoint slide designs etc. 


How can I market digital products in Nigeria if I don’t have a website?

The best websites for Nigerians to sell digital products without a website have been listed already. 

Here’s the summary

– Sellfy

– Gumroad

– SendOwl

– Sellz

– Podia

– selar

– Paystack 

– Expertnaire 


Websites for Nigerians to Sell Digital Products – CONCLUSION

In this content, you have seen several websites where Nigerians can host their digital products for sale 

A lot of the websites in this list are based in the United States, which means you will earn in dollars when a purchase of your product is made 


If you desire to use a Nigerian-based digital marketplace, I recommend the use of Selar

Expertnaire and Stakecut are also Nigeria-based digital marketplace to sell digital products. 


I hope that this content has assisted you in choosing the best website for offering digital downloads or selling digital products online. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

Thanks for coming through… 


We appreciate…



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